Jayden Marcos, Dakota Payne

Jayden Marcos & His Big Tool Return to the Service Station

Pop quiz time! What’s hotter: Jayden Marcos as a frat bro, or Jayden Marcos as an auto mechanic? If you said “yes,” then congrats…you passed!

Thankfully we can enjoy Jayden no matter what bro he’s playing (I mean, he wears a baseball cap either way, so same diff). We first saw Jayden in the auto shop in May, when he greased up Alex Tanner’s hole and fucked the hell out of him in an explosion of blue collar lust that earned the scene a GayVN Award nomination. It was a role and setting that was too good to resist, so now Next Door gives us more of what we need.

Jayden Marcos, Dakota Payne Jayden Marcos, Dakota Payne

This scene is a mashup that that merges the service station setting with another Next Door Series, Love is Payne. That means we get Dakota Payne once again looking for love in all the wrong places (following his adventurous trips to the gym, the coffee shop and the dentist’s office…oh Dakota, will you ever learn?!).

Jayden Marcos, Dakota Payne Jayden Marcos, Dakota Payne

When Dakota has car trouble, he heads to the shop and gets flustered when he’s met by Jayden in his hot uniform and sexy voice (“Turning on is one of my specialties”). Soon Dakota has his mouth gulping like crazy as he gets face fucked by Jayden’s big thick boner (my favorite shot of the scene), and Jayden later returns the favor, spit dripping from his mouth.

Jayden Marcos, Dakota Payne Jayden Marcos, Dakota Payne

Unlike the “Blinker Fluid” scene with Alex, this one is a flip fuck—which means we get to see Dakota pound Jayden (showing us his lesser-seen bottom side) in a few positions before he bends over to get munched and then take it doggy. We get a hot overhead shot of Jayden’s dick driving deep, and a hot shot below the action looking at Jayden’s big swinging sac. More of mechanic Jayden, please!

See the full scene at Next Door Studios!


9 thoughts on “Jayden Marcos & His Big Tool Return to the Service Station”

    1. He has done several scenes with NDS where he bottoms or flip flops. If you go on Boyfriendtv.com and do a search on Jayden Marcos, you will see some of them.

      1. Oh really? I didn’t even notice, thanks a lot! I thought there was some issue at the time when he left GH about bottoming, etc. I guess I missed it, thanks!

        1. They go from studio to studio once their contracts are up. If he was not in prison, I would of loved to see Jayden and Jimmy Clay in a scene together.

  1. Would love to have Jayden squat over my face and push out Dakota’s hot cum in my mouth. Then have him shoot his load in Dakota’s ass and eat it.

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