Jayden Marcos, Scott Finn

Jayden Marcos & Scott Finn Flip for Each Other’s Big Dicks

Every time I get to see Jayden Marcos do dialogue-driven scenes, my boner twitches a little harder. Sure, that big dick is what we all wanna worship…but Jayden’s hot voice and expressive face make him even more endearing, and he’s the perfect fit for the Next Door Film’s line.

The studio just dropped the fifth installment in the series that debuted in the summer to focus on longer-form, story-based scenes. This is Jayden’s third appearance in the line: He flipped with Trevor Harris in “Paramour” (the multi-nominated featurette at the 2023 GayVN Awards), and had a non-sex role in the Brandon Anderson/Andrew Miller flip fuck.

Andrew Miller, Scott Finn, Jayden Marcos Jayden Marcos, Scott Finn

Jayden Marcos, Scott Finn Jayden Marcos, Scott Finn

In “Hypothetically,” Jayden is the object of Scott Finn‘s affection. Scott is home alone in a big house (which the studio seems to use a lot, but it’s beautiful, so I guess who cares?) when buds Jayden and Andrew come to visit (Miller fills the non-sex role here, but we do get frequent shots of his hot bod, including him flexing by the pool). Scott reveals that he has broken up with his girlfriend, and his feelings for Jayden slowly come to the surface as writer Dalton King focuses on Scott’s character coming to terms with his sexuality.

Jayden Marcos, Scott Finn Jayden Marcos, Scott Finn

Jayden Marcos, Scott Finn Jayden Marcos, Scott Finn

Jayden is so damn good at selling these scenarios and taking the material seriously, and his reaction to Scott’s revelation will make you crush on him even harder. It’s also great to see Scott make his debut for the Next Door Films line, showing us a different side and range than we typically get to see. And it’s a flip fuck, so we get to see them both show off their versatility. I love seeing Scott’s mouth stretched by Jayden’s thick slab, and love anytime Jayden shows us he isn’t just a hung top.

Do you like these longer dialogue-driven scenes? And are you digging the farmer’s tan on Scott? (I kinda love it…)

See the full scene at Next Door Studios!


7 thoughts on “Jayden Marcos & Scott Finn Flip for Each Other’s Big Dicks”

  1. They are so hot together in this and their other flip-fuck romp as Step-Bros in, “Picture Perfect”.
    I could see these two being best bros and fuck buddies in real life and I’m here for it

  2. When Scott Finn wraps his lips around a big cock and dives deep, it’s Miller Time!!! One of the best cocksuckers in gay porn.

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