Jesse Santana Boxes, Dances

Thanks to the photo fairy Rolling Blackouts, here are pictures of one of my favorite pretend boyfriends, gay porn star Jesse Santana, who is in various forms of undress at his day job where he dances at a bar, at nighttime.

Also in attendance at Faultline’s “Raunch” party: Former Randy Blue model Riley Price with the man who used to film him having sex, Nick Leoni, former(?)/current(?) porn star Lucky Daniels, drag queen hostess Barbie-Q, another go-go dancer, and Rolling Blackouts’ HBIC Gabe Ayala having a moment with Jesse at the urinal.


Please don’t forget that you can see all of Jesse Santana in the current season of Golden Gate here.


5 thoughts on “Jesse Santana Boxes, Dances”

  1. Is it just me, or is Santana’s current look giving off a “Meth dealer vibe”? I’m not saying for a second that he’s dealing meth…I’m just saying that “meth dealer” popped into my head when I looked at the Golden Gate stills.

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