Introducing No-Snip Kipp

“I love it. No lube necessary. No lotion.” ~Kip

With Frankie and Lane’s eight-load cumstravaganza this Saturday, the return of Brysen on Wednesday, the barebacking love fest between boyfriends Asher & Devin the weekend before, and even big-dicked Mateo last week, Sean Cody has been on a roll lately.

Intact foreskin and un-mowed body hair are always welcome. But are they enough?

kipp sean cody uncut Kip is a natural kind of guy and brings some uncommon elements to the party today. First, he actually looks likes he knows what he doing on the basketball court and there is a sexiness to that. However, the fact that even bodes a mention when talking about a fapping video isn’t a harbinger of a stellar scene.

kipp sean cody uncut But one thing to make clear, Kipp may not flip everyone’s switch, but he shines a lot brighter than Rob over at Corbin Fisher today. We’ll file under the later under “WTF were they thinking?”

kipp sean cody uncut Kipp makes it pretty clear: he’s there to get paid for jerking off. To his credit, he does try to give the sights and sounds he thinks the camera wants but with no clear idea of what they should be.

kipp sean cody uncut That gloriously hairy ass is another rare sight.

kipp sean cody uncut We even get to see it in his video for a change. I’m not sure that was intentional as much as he was unaware of it. Still, we’ll take it. Well, some of us will.

Kipp is nice looking and seems nice enough from what little we get from him. No doubt he’d likely be a “trending profile” on the Grizzly App, but on Sean Cody today, he’s a one-hit wonder. Instead of a second cumshot, we see him doing his hair. Please, Sean Cody, please let that be his parting shot as well.

[Watch Kipp at Sean Cody]

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