Man With Enormous Penis Complains About “Unwanted Attention” Due To Enormous Penis

Spare me.

In case you weren’t on the internet this weekend, Dirty Tony’s Justin Master took over every gay porn blog with his 10-inch long, 7-inch thick cock. Good for him! And good for his ginormous, mouthwatering cock. Not only is the dick to die for (seriously, I would kill myself even if it meant I could only have it inside me after I was dead), but Justin is really cute, too. In a perfect world, Justin and his dick would be on the front page of every website, not just the gay porn ones.

Because who couldn’t appreciate opening up their browser’s home page and seeing this instead of some dumb news headlines? I mean, hello. Heaven.

Of course, Justin isn’t perfect. Turns out, he’s a bit of a whiner. In this extended interview clip from Dirty Tony, Justin says that he often received “unwanted attention” for having a huge dick, and if one of his girlfriends said something, he would often have to hear about it from people. This upset him, because when it comes to the size of his penis, that’s “very private stuff.”

Excuse me while I break out the world’s smallest violin for the man with the one of the internet’s biggest cocks:


Justin can complain all he wants, obviously. As long as he does it while not wearing pants.

Watch the full clip here.

[Dirty Tony: Justin Masters]


18 thoughts on “Man With Enormous Penis Complains About “Unwanted Attention” Due To Enormous Penis”

  1. poor baby ! Big dick ,nice body and doesn’t like extra attention to his dick! But it’s ok to do gay porn and get paid for his big dick! Grow the Fuck up!

  2. I recognized this guy from the MOMENT that I saw him in that second video. Sean Cody managed to get a few significant glimpses of his face in that first one, and I remember thinking how ridiculous it was that he thought that baseball cap was hiding his identity. If a perfect stranger like me could identify him the second time, then his friends and family definitely knew who he was the FIRST time.

    Unlike some of the queens here, I think his cock is gorgeous, and I’d swallow it in a second. Two things about the second vide bug me, though. For one, “Dirty Tony” is an idiot if he thinks anyone is buying his measurement technique. Dude, we’re not women; we can measure stuff. And we know that you need to see the BOTTOM of the tape measure, too. LOL Second, I think this Justin Master guy is a whiny bitch. If I had a dick that big, I’d talk about it all day. I wouldn’t be complaining that people harassed me about it. I’d whip it out and slap ’em upside the head with it! Get over yourself and your “acting aspirations” and just jack that thing!

    1. Having a dick that big in theory is fine, but it’s a problem in real life, because you run into two problems CONSTANTLY, either you can’t ever really FUC like you want or ever really at all without constantly worrying about the other person, and all the stopping and starting and the other person saying let’s not, if they even decide they want to deal with it, or two somebody notices your dick print, and that’s all they want to talk about, to the point that you start to wonder do then even give two $hits that its attached to a person. (Seriously I even thought does this chick/guy want to just cut it off of me.) I have found two partners one a girl and one a guy that seem to care about the guy attached to the dick, but it never seem to last that long, as my former girl once said, “…either we have to bone every other day or it’s like I’m Jessica from True Blood, without the pain threshold.”

  3. Pretty sure this is the same kid from the Sean Cody video way back when with the huge cock that wore the hat to cover his face. I mean the cock is identical even the way he takes off his pants. If you have the video compare.

  4. Sad that I know this, but his cock looks remarkably like the cock of a kid from Sean Cody years ago who wore a hat to cover his face. Mouth seems similar also. Hmmmmm……

  5. Ummm Ive seen a lot bigger… in person and in film.. Who is he kidding?
    Unwanted attention… please

  6. perhaps most of you should not only just watch, but listen to the video. Including you Zach. He was concerned of the consequences of doing porn, including ppl finding out about it, recognizing in public and possibly using it against him. That was NOT specific to the size of his dick, but just his general involvement in porn.

    And the unwanted attention of his huge dick was during his HS years. Everyone knows that in HS girls gossip more than gay bloggers. They tell their friends everything. And I’m guessing the “unwanted attention” he was getting was that girls were coming on to him solely because the size of his dick. It would obviously upset a person who is in a committed relationship atm. All this “whining” that is doing is all past tense. It’s not how he feels about it today.

  7. I can sort of understand (not from personal experience sadly) that it would be annoying being known as “that guy with the big dick” to all and sundry because girlfriends gossiped about it, but still there are worse things that could happen. Presumably it doesn’t bother him anymore or he’s going to be majorly disappointed now it’s all over the internet.

  8. Christine Marinoni

    Oh, gimme a flippin’ break. I could not disagree more. He appears to be a smart, mature, reflective and articulate young guy… with a fucking killer dong. I know we all prefer our porn “stars” these days to have tattoo sleeves, multiple Twitter handles, weekly petty social media feuds with their peers and burgeoning/pathetic white-boy rap careers… but this kid seems to actually instead have a perspective and some genuine emotion around something other than who snubbed him at the gym that morning. Let’s lay off for a change, yah?

  9. Wait wait wait – the size of his dick is “private stuff,” except for when he’s whacking it out on the internet for all to see?

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