There’s A New Reality Show That’s All About Men Masturbating

We truly live in the golden age of television. There’s constant nudity on various streamers, porn stars are taking over Discovery+, and now there’s an entire show that’s about masturbation. BateWorld, a site that bills itself as “the premier online men’s masturbation community”, just announced that it’s going to be celebrating May’s Masturbation Month with The Great BateWorld BateOff, a new “reality-type” online series that’s all about beating your meat.

Hosted by COACH, The Great BateWorld BateOff features online content creators and BateWorld members like Atlas420, BigStiffy, BrotherBator, DragonPuppy3, MasturOfMyBate, and ProudBator competing for a “Grand Prize”. The show’s main goal is to discover the ultimate Master Bator through a series of challenges that involve morning wood, bating with food, self-milking, favorite bate toys, and the hands-free orgasm.

“What better way to celebrate Masturbation Month than with The Great BateWorld BateOff?,” says host and co-producer COACH about the new online show. “We’ve brought together a diverse group of super users from the BateWorld community for this first-of-its-kind contest and the competition is going to be stiff!”

Officially launching today, episodes of The Great BateWorld BateOff will be free to watch for all BateWorld members. Basic members of the site will be able to vote once for each episode with premium members being able to vote twice. The ultimate winner of this jerk-centric competition will be revealed during its finale that’s set to be streamed live on June 17.

“Whether a man is an avid masturbator, identifies as a solosexual, or lives for daily edging and endurance sessions, there is a place for all within BateWorld,” says COACH. “This Masturbation Month, we invite all men to join BateWorld and participate in voting for The Great BateWorld BateOff Once they join, members can learn tips, toy tricks, and new techniques for their own bating lives while being wildly entertained by the erotic batefuel.”

So what do you think about this new show? Do you like watching other guys masturbate? Will you be tuning in to see how these men handle their morning wood or self-milking challenges? Sound off in the comments below with all your hot thoughts and be sure to tune into The Great BateWorld BateOff over on BateWorld all month long to see how these men handle their wood.


4 thoughts on “There’s A New Reality Show That’s All About Men Masturbating”

  1. It would be great if they got guys that were good looking! Where in hell did they get these guys … soup kitchen?

    1. I happen to find them very attractive, but not everyone can have good taste. Maybe you should host your own bate event with men YOU find attractive :]

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