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Matt Bomer & Jonathan Bailey’s Top 10 Scenes from ‘Fellow Travelers’ Ranked from Yas to Best

It’s the end of an era. The most sexually explicit mainstream gay series ever produced has come to an end after eight episodes. Showtime’s Fellow Travelers tells the heartbreaking tale of two men who meet in the wrong place at the wrong time – Washington D.C. in the 50s. Hawk (Matt Bomer) and Tim (Jonathan Bailey) explore their explosive chemistry to the fullest behind closed doors. We follow Hawk and Tim through the decades as they find many opportunities to reconnect, but never for as long as they would like.

Don’t think for a second that Fellow Travelers is all doom and gloom. The sex between Hawk and Tim is integral to the story, and out heartthrobs Bailey and Bomer are so good together on screen, that you’ll swear it’s real. We went through every single sex scene in Fellow Travelers (tough job, we know!) to bring you the ten sexiest. Unsurprisingly for a story that devolves into sadness and loss (sorry, we have to keep it real), the best sex is in the first episode. However, the following seven episodes are sprinkled with some incredible moments of gay male sexuality. Hollywood finally got the memo. We’re here, we’re queer, and we’re hot as f*ck in the bedroom. Sorry ‘bout it.

Take a look below at some horny shots from Fellow Travelers and for even more, go ahead and click here to see all ten full scenes from this wild show.

10. Matt Bomer Gives Jonathan Bailey A Blowjob – Ep. 4

9. Jonathan Bailey Gives Matt Bomer A Blowjob, Ep. 2

8. Jonathan Bailey Tops Matt Bomer, Ep. 8

7. Matt Bomer And Jonathan Bailey Mutually Masturbate, Ep. 6

6. Matt Bomer Goes Dop Top On Jonathan Bailey, Ep. 3

5. Jonathan Bailey Sucks Matt Bomer’s Foot, Ep. 1

4. Matt Bomer Jerks Off Jonathan Bailey While Saying ‘Who’s My Boy?’, Ep. 1

3. Matt Bomer And Jonathan Bailey Have Threesome With Morgan Lever, Ep. 7

2. Matt Bomer Tops Jonathan Bailey, Ep. 1

1. Matt Bomer Tops David Tomlinson, Ep. 1

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