Other Fratmen Who Aren’t Dustin Zito a.k.a. Spencer

Compared to his Fratmen co-stars, everything about Spencer (a.k.a. Dustin Zito, the most famous person on MTV next to Snookie) is incredibly average. Here are ten other Fratmen who are hotter than Spencer/Dustin Zito and have bigger dicks.

Note: The clips at the end are set to autoplay, so that’s where the noise is coming from.

And here’s my top 10, ranked in order of how much I need them inside me:

10. Nash

9. Joe

8. Vincent

7. Luke

6. Taj

5. Cutter

4. Chase

3. Tony

2. Cole

Cole in action (with Jayden):


1. Shay!

Shay in action (with Cole):


[Click for more free clips at Fratmen.tv]



4 thoughts on “Other Fratmen Who Aren’t Dustin Zito a.k.a. Spencer”

  1. You are right about Shay. No one could swing his meat like Shay. He could bounce and flop his balls like they were props. He loved to display his meat at every opportunity.

    I would put Reese on the list — great smile until he was in a duo, which made him a beautiful, horny pussyboy.

    Don’t forget the greatest skill of Dustin/Spencer: he was able to bring out the bi in Chase and make Chase’s cock grow out to a respectable piece of meat.

    I like these trips down the fratpad memory lane. I miss these guys.

  2. Nash was actually a wrestler at Nebraska. It got out he did “gay porn” and he was kicked off the wrestling team.

  3. You covered some good ones. Cole was a fav of mine for a long time, but/because he lacks personality — numb cuz he’s smart, dumb cuz he’s hung. Taj is just a big-dicked mess of a beaut. Those you missed: Taylor, with his cigar and cock and cocksucking; Gene, ol’ sad hung Gene; and the huge luscious ass and smile and ass of Payne.

    Clark. As usual when Superman appears, Clark is not around. Bye-bye baby!

    Nash was a blip. I halfway wonder if he considered or negotiated with Fratpad’s Opus Dei leader and was in the end turned away because of imperfections and flaws — i.e., too real and too midwest, and lacking that green-eyed west coast porn instinct that allows one to even consider bowing to the private demands of the webmaster.

    But I believe Fratpad (and Fratmen) is brilliant and ahead of it’s time. It is and always has been a silent soldier in the most important non-legal (and so publicly un-debated) front of the American’s Man’s war against bi-sexual shame.

    Nice to see these guys presented as such. I’d love to see an interview with the man behind it all. Photos of him outside his Fratpad compound, taking out the trash? In his stoner’s tent at Burning Man, enjoying kippers and hash? The VIP room at Swinging Richards?

  4. I’m not actually a Fratmen subscriber, but I love this. . .Bruce Weber aesthetic carried to its logical extreme kind of thing. They’re all so pretty. I want to get them all very, very dirty. And bruised. And filthy. Good one, Zach.

    (Taj actually made the leap to full-on porn. He was terrible, I am sad to say. It was like they gave him a Thorazine and set him up on a stand like one of Kink’s Fucking Machines.)

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