Drew Sebastian, Jake Nicola, Dale Savage

Pig Roast: Drew Sebastian Lays His Thick Dick—And Thick Accent—Deep in Jake Nicola and Dale Savage

Drew Sebastian’s commitment to selling the fantasy is helping Trailer Trash Boys have one hell of a debut year. (And that big dick helps, too!)

Whistling “Ooh wee!” as he strokes his big man schlong in the back of his truck, Drew Sebastian flashes his hot smile as he licks his salt-and-pepper framed lips—and makes a hot thwack sound as he beats his meat into his hand (love…that…sound!). And yes, he’s wearing that dirty hat, which is always hot as fuck on him (and I love shaved heads!)

Drew Sebastian, Jake Nicola, Dale Savage

“Hey, Lot Lizard! Hey Jake! What you doin’ over there!” he yells to Jake Nicola. “Come over here and have a sit for a spell!”

Drew lays that accent on thick (almost as thick as his dick), small talking to Jake about wanting a cold brew and having to put some oil in that truck they been workin’ on. And with Jake’s brother in the slammer, Drew has been hard up to release his tension. “Uncle Drew loves some special attention from his Lot Lizards,” he says. “Teach you the ways of the world!” (Teach me, Drew! TEACH ME!!!)

Drew Sebastian, Jake Nicola, Dale Savage

Jake wants a lesson, and releases a massive bushy boner that explodes out of his jean shorts, bobbing up to his tight white muscle shirt. “Ooh, I knew you’d be hard!” smiles Drew. “That’s nice…about as nice as your brother’s!”

Jake wraps his bearded lips around it (“That’s a good boy!”), and Drew tells the youngin to strip all the way down: “Man, you sure did grow up nice!” The shots of Jake’s massive boner bouncing up as he moves will literally make you drool—just like Drew, he has one hell of an amazing cock.

Drew Sebastian, Jake Nicola, Dale Savage

Drew beats his meat on Jake’s mouth, then moans as he gets slurped. “You like that big Uncle Drew dick? That’s a good boy…you do that real good!”

Drew wants a look at Jake’s “real pretty butt,” and buries his face in it. Drew spits on in and nibbles Jake’s ass, then spits down on his own dick before spreading Jake’s furry cheeks wide. Jake moans like he fucking means it as Drew enters him from behind (“You like Uncle Drew’s dick in that pretty hole?”), gripping a giant tire for support (great touch!).

Drew Sebastian, Jake Nicola, Dale Savage

Enter Dale Savage with a big tent in his boxers: “What are you guys doin in here?!” (“Just doin what hillbillies do!”)

Good ol’ Trailer Dale gets in between the two, slurping on Jake as Drew rams him from behind. We get some nice shots above of Drew’s cock going in, and Dale slurps up a storm as he wraps his silver scruff around Jake’s girthy shaft. “Come here and suck this dick,” demands Drew. “Suck this this big ol’ country dick right here!

Drew Sebastian, Jake Nicola, Dale Savage

The bottom turns around, getting deep fucked by Jake—who looks at Drew as he does it (like he wants that approval…so hot!). At the other end, spit drips from Dale’s mouth as he salivates with Drew’s cock in his face.

Dale jacks and sucks a loud out of Drew, big wads of cum dripping down his hand. “Give it to me!” moans Dale as Jake keeps pounding him (and the bottom is rock hard as he gets it…I wish we got more closeups of that!). Jake comes inside Dale, some cum falling out—with Dale sucking him after he pulls out. “Yeah, lick that cum off, boy!” says Drew with the final word.

Drew Sebastian, Jake Nicola, Dale Savage

We saw Drew and Jake together recently at Raging Stallion, and it’s a duo I will never tire of seeing (although sadly, we don’t get to see Drew slurp on Jake in either scene…next time? Please?!).

See the full scene at Trailer Trash Boys!


1 thought on “Pig Roast: Drew Sebastian Lays His Thick Dick—And Thick Accent—Deep in Jake Nicola and Dale Savage”

  1. Well and truly hot! Interesting concept. Drew Sebastion always gets me going. Jake, Dale, and Drew are well matched and they’re enjoying themselves (which means I’M enjoying myself!) Loved it.

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