Skyy Knox, Milo Madera

Places You Should Never Have Sex: The Paddle Board Edition

Backseat of a car? Of course. On a boat? Sure! In an airplane lavatory? Probably not (I barely fit in myself). On a…paddle board? What?! Never. Cause, you know, piranha. People, remember that these are professionals. Do not try this at home!

Typically, my biggest fear during sex is squirting too soon. Or, if it’s a hookup, the person not looking like their photos. But drowning? That’s never entered the equation. So unless Chris Meloni propositions me on an inner tube, it’s going to stay that way. Meanwhile, Skyy Knox and Milo Madera have no such reservations (which is crazy, because they have a lot more muscles to help tip them over).

Skyy Knox, Milo Madera Skyy Knox, Milo Madera

At the lake, the nature lovers realize they’re alone and can do whatever they want. So horned up they can’t even wait to reach land, they stay on their paddle board as Skyy begins to blow Milo (who has a very big and beautiful uncut cock). Skyy then lays his back on the board and throws his legs into the air as Milo starts to munch away.

Skyy Knox, Milo Madera Skyy Knox, Milo Madera

The top then fucks Skyy as the water around them ripples. Milo pulls out and readies his hole for Skyy’s pole. Milo backs it up onto Skyy’s meat until the top’s balls can’t take anymore and explode a mess of jizz all over Milo’s cheeks. Still effortlessly balancing on the paddle board (seriously, how are they doing this?!), Milo stands up to breed Skyy’s open mouth before the two hunks ditch the board and jump into the water to clean off and feed protein to the fishes.

Skyy Knox, Milo Madera Skyy Knox, Milo Madera

What’s next: Sex on a balance beam?! Would you attempt this? What’s the most awkward place you’ve ever done it on?

See the full scene at Falcon!


6 thoughts on “Places You Should Never Have Sex: The Paddle Board Edition”

    1. Not movie magic, the board is in the shallow end, you can see the ground it’s laying on. The water is ankle deep where they are filming lol.

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