“My God, That Is A Monster Cock”

kurtthumbIt sure is.

Thanks to the revelation that Best Picture nominee The King’s Speech and UK Naked Men filmed at the same location, I was reminded of porn star Kurt Rogers.

Rogers appeared in the UKNM scene, “Snookered,” where a large portion of The King’s Speech was shot.

While it’s unlikely, I’m praying someone mentions “Snookered” (maybe during the acceptance speech if The King’s Speech wins Best Art Direction?) on Sunday’s Oscars.

I am also praying to Kurt Rogers cock.

[Alternadudes: Kurt Rogers]

It’s just a solo on Alternadudes, but it does end with Rogers giving himself a facial. So there’s that.


More recently, Rogers started Liberate Studios (I can’t find their website, but they have a YouTube channel?) in South Africa, which is where he’s from. You can read an interview with him about it here.

But most of his work was with UK studios like Men At Play and UK Naked Men, and here are some examples of it. Thank you for joining me in this obsession!





[UK Naked Men: Kurt Rogers]

4 thoughts on ““My God, That Is A Monster Cock””

  1. I live in Tanzania and i met Kurt in 2010 when i was in Capetown for the World Cup. Met him him in a Bar called Bronx. I had always been a fan, wanked to his pics and vids a few times. Spoke with him for hours that night, we had a drink and hooked up in the Dark bathrooms of Bronx. Hes great person, soft spoken and surprisingly gentle. Hes a great kisser too ;-). Well i ve got to say that having got the chance to see him naked and feel and touch everything on him, especially that cock, is still even Now one of the most vivid memories in my head. I have that recurring memory going in circles sometimes. lol. Hes beautiful.

  2. Is Kurt still in shape as the pictures above? Cause I saw a photo awhile back that was less than flattering. i think he has a lil bit of a spare. I may be wrong though. Cause he is ROCKIN HERE!!!!! ;)

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