Reese Rideout, With A Beard

No, not his wife. An actual beard, on his face. I like it.

Not that he wasn’t cute before, but Reese’s hotness factor just jumped up about 1000% thanks to simply not using a razor for a few days. It’s that easy!

Like Sean Cody’s Ethan and Tommy Defendi earlier this summer, going from clean shaven to bearded guarantees you a “before and after” comparison. Reese from his scene with Jarrett Rex in March on the left; Reese and Chris Bines today on the right:

More of Reese and Chris for Randy Blue:


[Randy Blue: Reese Rideout Fucks Chris Bines]



7 thoughts on “Reese Rideout, With A Beard”

  1. I’m glad so many of you are hot. I’ll take him, since he’s clearly not good enough for any of you.

    I bet if he came up to you in a bar and you didn’t know him from porn you’d fall all over your stupid selves trying to chat him up and ply him with alcohol.

  2. Reese has always had a great body, but I never liked his face. Facial hair doesn’t make it much different, perhaps if he straightened it out it would look better.

    and clearly he needs to bottom more i’m tired of seeing him top

  3. Reese was hot as a bottom ,he hasn’t done this in years I think, I’m not interested anymore . His best asset is his ass and he knows it, why doesn’t he put it to good use instead of shoving his lame dick in random holes? Boring

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