Move Over Jake Lyons

Caption this?

Kill me?

Two more shots of twink sensation Dustin Cooper below (if you dare)…



41 thoughts on “Move Over Jake Lyons”

  1. different ho’s for different bro’s. Not my thing, but i’m sure some people would like it… I think.

    1. Exactly, Mr Man. He’s not to my personal taste either but, when that’s the case I usually just tend to move on and NOT comment because I really don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings… [UNLESS THEY HAVE IT COMING!! :-)]

      He’s somebody’s type so I say “go for it” if he wants.

  2. Dayton O'Connor

    i just threw up my 23.00 steak ugh really WTF I know im way better than that …….. enough said ….. sorry i just don’t get it

    1. that’s terrible! I’d sue dustin for that $23 loss! I’m sure the People’s Court would side with you lol

      but yea I don’t get it either.

    2. Dayton, I’m a HUGE fan of yours and I think you’re both sexy beautiful and a GREAT performer! You also seem like a nice guy. That being said, I’m going to have to take you to task. You’re too big a porn star and too established in the industry to engage in petty sniping against a poor little newbie like this Dustin. Have a heart, you were a newbie once too!

      By the way, if you come to Boston I’d be happy to buy you a FIFTY dollar steak! Not that there was ever a steak on God’s green earth WORTH fifty dollars but we pay what we pay.

  3. This is totally disturbing and creepy and should removed from this site. It looks like child abuse and it not cool or funny.

  4. I may be fatter but I don’t see how people can find him attractive, gives me the creeps (and I’m not necessarily into muscle hunks)

  5. While not my cup of tea at all, congratulations to Dustin for finding a company that appreciates his form–and for his obviously amazing metabolism, the lucky little shit!

  6. If that’s how someone acts like they are getting fucked then you might wanna get your money back from acting class.
    “Just to let you know, I’m not affected by anything you guys say.” Gimme a break, how did you know after I typed my comment that I was thinking gee I hope Jake Lyons wannabe is not sffected. LOL

  7. He is very different looking and his eyes are great but coming from a skinny guy I just don’t think of this is porn material..

  8. Aww you guys are so sweet ;) Just to let you know, I’m not affected by anything you guys say. When we do pictures, we have to act like we’re getting fucked but were not. And trust me, I eat a lot more than you think. I’m just lucky enough to not gain weight unlike you fatties :) Thank you! Xoxo

  9. If the headline is to imply that Jake’s job is in jeopardy I doubt he will lose any sleep over this guys career:) The top looks like he is trying to remember his agents phone number because they told him he would be topping an enthusiastic hottie, not a bored nottie! Beautiful and real??….really NOT!

    1. hope they paid for the headline because if they didn’t and it was for free, then one can only laugh!

  10. omg you guys are SO mean! you have nothing nice to say ever! this guy is beautiful and real. you’re all just self loathing and jealous! :(

    1. He looks like an underfed mule; that is a fact. And “omg you guys are SO mean! you have nothing nice to say ever!”? Did you take a severely wrong turn looking for a praise-only fanfiction blog or something? You are aware this is a porn blog populated by a disproportionate amount of catty bitches, yes?

  11. I agree with everyone this just looks kind of sick he looks really malnourished. This is why i dislike twink porn some of these guys look more unhealthy than the ones in bareback porn.

  12. I’ve never understood why or how people can eat lollipops that are bigger than their mouths. Is there a jaw-unhinging subspecies of humanity that I’m just not lucky enough to be a part of?

    1. I had a look at the preview video for that scene, out of morbid curiosity, and it made his tongue really bright green.

    1. There is nothing hot about this bag of bones except possibly to borderline pediphiles who dream he is under age. Sorry not a hater, I’m sure he’s a nice kid but really porn material, I don’t think so!!

  13. He looks far more interested in that lollipop than the fact he’s being fucked by Patrick Kennedy. No wonder. Poor malnourished thing.

    By the way, that’s a hideous shade of blond that PK’s dyed his hair.

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