Damien Cruz, Roxas Caelum

Roxas Caelum & His 10-Inch Dick Rearrange Damien Cruz’s Insides

We’re long overdue for Roxas Caelum to make his GuysinSweapants debut (seriously? This is his first scene for them?!), and who better than studio vet Damien Cruz and his amazing ass to initiate the 10.5-inch top? (CutlersDen lists it at 12, so who knows? It’s big and beautiful, and that’s all we care about!)

Damien has performed a lot with the Sweatpants gang since making his debut in 2020, although this year it’s been nice to see him branch out at the likes of Next Door Studios, where he took part in a super hot July 4th fourgy (July 4ourgy?), then got plowed by hottie Carter Woods.

Damien Cruz, Roxas Caelum Damien Cruz, Roxas Caelum

The cutie starts by slurping on the big rod of Roxas, then turns over to offer his hole. Roxas plants his fuzzy chin inside to slurp it up, Damien gyrating his hot ass to direct that tongue to just the right places. The top then grinds and whips his big boner on the bottom’s crack before shoving it inside, fucking Damien doggy before pinning him to the bed.

Damien Cruz, Roxas Caelum Damien Cruz, Roxas Caelum

The bottom gyrates his booty and body again when he sits down on the Roxas rod, and takes it from the side before we get the hottest visual: the tight-bodied Damien on his back, moaning as he gets deep dicked (the camera right above the action, capturing each deep thrust).

Damien Cruz, Roxas Caelum Damien Cruz, Roxas Caelum

The two things I would change about this scene? I wish Roxas was a little more verbal, and for the love of God, Damien…take off that jockstrap and whip out that dick!

See the full scene at GuysinSweatpants!


10 thoughts on “Roxas Caelum & His 10-Inch Dick Rearrange Damien Cruz’s Insides”

  1. pff damien cruz is gorgeous as a willing bottom but the top was sooo fuckn emotionless and such BAD kissing, yikes, a waste of damen’s hot porn ntalents

  2. Guys In Sweatpants is coming back with some great performers. These two are hella sexy and I’m glad Roxas Caelum is moving away from Cutler’s Den

  3. Damien keeping the jock on the entire time shows just how much it is all about his ass.
    He can get off in a half an hour during round two…maybe without even touching himself.

    Incredibly hot.

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