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Crossed Off Shaw’s Bucket List; Getting Rimmed, Sucking, & Breeding

If watching newly sexually-fluid guys expand their boundaries is in your bag of tricks, Shaw & Cole: Bareback at Sean Cody is saying “Happy Halloween.”

While there have been plenty of gay and bi models at Sean Cody, part of Sean Cody’s original allure was getting “straight” guys to do gay things on camera. Today it’s Shaw’s turn.
sean cody shaw
Monday, October 27, 2015, was both the date former Sean Cody model turned extortionist Jarek Wentworth was sentenced to five years and ten months in prison and the day Shaw’s get-to-know-me solo premiered. Shaw is pretty close to physically perfect. He’s also straight but knew what he signed up for. They brought him right back to fuck Blake. However, he literally wasn’t up for the task.

sean cody shaw
Shaw did a bit better with Robbie. Wood-issues or not, he did fuck the cum out of Curtis three times as well. Undeterred, he’s back with Cole today. Being rimmed by a guy and sucking a cock are no longer things Shaw hasn’t done.

After the first set of orgasms fucking in the shower, Shaw announced, “I never came inside a guy’s ass before.” The cameraman asked how it was …
sean cody shaw
“Amazing” Shaw replies after an incredulous snort wondering how it could be anything otherwise. He didn’t add a “well, considering it was with guy” caveat. Or over-compensate by acting like a douche.

sean cody shaw
Nor did he appear he was trying to mask being weirded out or worse. Nor did he appear overly-enthusiastic about it either. In other words, pretty honest. I find that pretty refreshing since believable-fakery is part of the G4P shtick.

sean cody shaw
And as for Cole, given his bucket list no longer includes exploring his submissive side, I took particular pleasure as his little throbber throbbed while he does the bouncy-bouncy on Shaw’s dick.

If transcendent gay sex if what you’re after, keep on going. But if seeing a guy open to experimenting with his sexuality floats your boat, cum on in. This water is fine.

[Watch Shaw & Cole: Bareback at Sean Cody]

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  1. They need to use Shaw as much as possible because that hairline is going quick. There will be more hair on his ass, than his head before too long.

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