Sebastian Kross fucks JJ Knight

Breaking & Entering With JJ Knight & Sebastian Kross

Sebastian Kross is not without his limitations, but today, JJ Knight breaks through a couple of them while Sebastian does some entering of his own.

We’re even wearing sweaters in Florida this morning, so this is a perfect time for Falcon to take us on a “Desert Getaway”.

Sebastian isn’t turning in his “top only” status but he does turn out a pummeling of JJ Knight’s ass that almost as hot as what JJ does to him at the end.

Sebastian Kross fucks JJ KnightThe stairs and a ladder make it an even playing field today and allows for a all too rare — and always so hot sight: JJ’s big dick doing the handsfree salute from an ass walloping.

Sebastian Kross fucks JJ KnightIt’s been a while since we’ve seen Sebastian Kross and even longer since he got his face and tongue deep in a hole. And that’s only after he does a more than credible job on JJ’s donkey’s dick.

22-knightkross“Maybe next time,” is what Sebastian says after JJ lubes up his dick slides up behind him. But once Sebastian starts thrusting and JJ’s massive cock flaps back and forth from an expert pounding, JJ is relishing his rare stint on the receiving end.

Sebastian Kross fucks JJ KnightSebastian pulls out and drenches JJ’s cheeks until the cum dripping off looks like vanilla ice cream melting in the desert sun. Then he gets Sebastian on knees and Mr. Top gets a load to his face — but even more right down his throat.

[Watch JJ Knight & Sebastian Kross in “Desert Getaway” scene five]

4 thoughts on “Breaking & Entering With JJ Knight & Sebastian Kross”

  1. i love the way two beautiful cocks cum together krosses bod is super hot. top or bottom they both know wut their doing. oooooooooo!

  2. This was a hot scene nice to see JJ Knight bottom. But I want to see JJ have a bit more enthusiasm. But having said that he was pretty good as a bottom here. I guess Sebastian Kross is never going to bottom. But I would love to see it.

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