Sex On a Washer & Dryer? Discuss

Don’t get me wrong: The thought of a big warm vibrating machine sounds inviting…but do I wanna fuck on it?

Thankfully, that’s why we have porn: So the stars can suffer for our fantasies! Instead of bruising my knees and breaking my back atop a washer and dryer, I’ll watch hotties Braxton Cruz and Johnny Donovan do it instead!

Braxton Cruz, Johnny Donovan Braxton Cruz, Johnny Donovan

Braxton Cruz, Johnny Donovan

After working up a sweat, football player Braxton towels off his hot body in the locker room. Or at least what is passing off as a locker room for this scene, which seems to take place in some house’s laundry room in the basement (what’s with those random partitions?). But who cares I guess, because these two are hot as hell. New “water boy” Johnny catches the jock’s attention, and just wants to help out the team in any way possible.

Braxton Cruz, Johnny Donovan Braxton Cruz, Johnny Donovan

Braxton Cruz, Johnny Donovan

Johnny soon has his fine ass bent over the washing machine, where he gets munched by the bearded hunk. But my favorite shot of all finds Johnny on his knees, his mouth spread wide as he engulfs that big dick—his handsome face and gorgeous eyes looking up at the hung stud. Braxton fucks the bottom atop the washer and dryer, then piledrives him on the floor (poor Johnny with these awkward positions!) before bending him over the machines. I wish Johnny’s jockstrap was off during the whole scene, but at least we get to see his gorgeous face coated in cum at the end.

So what say you: yay or nay to washer/dryer sex?

See the full scene at!


2 thoughts on “Sex On a Washer & Dryer? Discuss”

  1. Did the Ralph Woods method. Put the dildo on the middle of the washing machine drum. If you’re lucky and you have a machine with speed adjustable spin cycle, put on low. Ride it to glory. Make sure dildo is lubed or you could damage your insides on high.

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