Should Kris Evans Have Issued A Warning Before He Shot A Voluminous Geyser Of Cum Across 4 Other Bel Ami Models’ Faces?

The most star-studded Bel Ami scene of the year begins with an insane suck-and-fuck session and then ends with Kris Evans firing off what can only be described as the Bellagio Fountain of cum shots. The approximately 14-foot-long cum shot lands perfectly on not one, not two, not three, but four different Bel Ami models’ faces, and while the boys don’t seem to mind, should Kris Evans have warned his scene partners about what he was about to do?


Because the only thing better than being hosed down with a massive jet stream of cum is being hosed down by a massive jet stream of cum that says, “Surprise!”

Kris Evans sucks and fucks Adam Archuleta, Kevin Warhol, Jack Harrer, and Andre Boleyn before projectile cumming across all of their faces in today’s Bel Ami update:

[Bel Ami: Kris Evans and the Kinky Angels]


10 thoughts on “Should Kris Evans Have Issued A Warning Before He Shot A Voluminous Geyser Of Cum Across 4 Other Bel Ami Models’ Faces?”

  1. gay porno is always so lame with the condoms. i understand why they are worn but straight porno is obviously safer with less condoms used and less reports of infections. i am always hoping it will improve–hence when I saw that their would be someone cumming on 4 guys laid out in a row I rushed to the link in hopes of something amazing actually happening (and done right) in gay porno….nope. yet another fail. that hit no ones faces. why didn’t the director line them up closer and have them stop wiggling around so much and sit still–and maybe them looking up enduring at the shooter. and why didnt the shooter actually aim. ughh guess im back on straight porno–again.

  2. Have to admit that was one big fountain of cum.

    There’s only one person I can think of who could better it; and thats the king of the cum shot, SPIKE.
    His loads are so powerful he has to hold his dick with both hands just to try and avoid soaking the whole set.

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