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Some People Are Not Liking That ‘White Lotus’ Ass Eating Scene

This has once again turned into a White Lotus recap blog and once again, I must tell you all that this was not an intentional choice. It just happened. I wrote about some male nudity after the HBO show’s first episode and every episode since has featured some intense XXX scenes that I, for some reason, have felt compelled to talk about on this platform.

For this week’s nude scene, we’re going to be looking at what is definitely the raunchiest moment of the miniseries yet. Spoilers ahead obviously…

The last moments of the episode revolve around Natasha Rothwell and Jake Lacy – who was in last week’s big nude scene! – walking in on mustache daddy and Looking actor Murray Bartlett being completely naked while eating the ass of young twunk Lukas Gage. We get to see both of them totally exposing everything (except their junk – boo!) while Murray goes to town on Lukas’s hole. Unfortunately, the moment doesn’t last very long and ends with Murray running off screen.

Right after it dropped on HBO, the explicit rim job scene definitely grabbed the attention of gay Twitter and while some praised HBO for bringing some good ol’ fashioned ass eating to the network, others criticized the direction of the act and said it didn’t seem all that realistic.

One tweeter pointed out that during the ass eating session, Lukas was “STANDING UP instead of bent over the desk” and asked where the “realism” was. In the same thread, another user pointed out that the now-iconic heterosexual ass eating scene from Girls was more realistic and someone else added that the gay sex scenes in Looking were much better. (And we have to say, we 100% agree! I mean, those Looking sex scenes are hot as hell and definitely still hold up!)

Yikes! Did you watch this scene? What did you think of the ass eating? Was it realistic? Was it hot? Was it better than actual rim job porn? 

Let us know your hot thoughts down in the comments and if you want to see all of our previous coverage on The White Lotus nude scene head here and if you want to see more XXX moments from the show and other hot celebs, head here. 


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