Paul Wagner, Chris Cool

Stiff Cocktail: Bartender Paul Wagner Gives the Best Service in Town

Every so often we get one of those “Phoebe Cates in Fast Times at Ridgemont High” moments, except for gay men. Instead of a busty woman slowly walking out of the pool and taking off her top, we get something that gives us our own lifetime supply of masturbation material. This is one of those moments.

That’s because this new release features Paul Wagner. I think there’s someone else in the scene, but I’m not entirely sure, because it’s impossible for me to look away from Paul. The man of my dreams is a bartender here, and the slow-motion sequence in question has him taking off his shirt, showing off his bulge, then leaping his hot naked muscle bod over the bar to sit in front of us on it, his gorgeous boner at full attention and right in front of our face, ready to suck. God…yes. I have already started to watch this repeatedly on a loop. (If this happened to me in real life, I would die of excitement.)

Paul Wagner, Chris Cool Paul Wagner, Chris Cool

Turns out there is someone else in this scene: Chris Cool, a new employee on his first shift. Maybe I wanted to forget Chris because he took part in one of’s most absurd scenes this year, that hot dog truck travesty. This scene is far less ridiculous, but I still need some time to forgive Chris for that previous offense. But thankfully he has scruffy stud Paul here with him, which makes everything better.

Paul Wagner, Chris Cool Paul Wagner, Chris Cool

Paul shoves his dick in the sucker’s gagging face, then returns the favor on Chris’s nice piece of meat because he’s also a giver and pleaser (which makes me lust after him even more). Paul then proceeds to pound the bottom on and against the bar in a variety of positions. In real life, that would be uncomfortable as hell, but for Paul I would do anything (it’s just like that Sir Peter fucking on a kitchen island kinda scenario).

Paul Wagner, Chris Cool Paul Wagner, Chris Cool

The hottest sequences have Chris stiff as a brick sitting down on the top, and Paul squirting a messy facial. Can someone please tell me where the hell this bar is?!

See the full scene at!


11 thoughts on “Stiff Cocktail: Bartender Paul Wagner Gives the Best Service in Town”

  1. think its bullshit about him going to Prison.
    And I do think he looks older (DON’T WE ALL)
    but hes still sexy as fuck and hot ,,but I still wont watch anything on

  2. I heard Paul got run over by a girl on a scooter while he was eating at In and Out burger, it was horrible, his burger fell on the ground.

  3. He’s still beautiful and very lean (too lean?). But I think it’s the haircuts he’s been getting which don’t frame his face as well as they could. Way too short on the sides, makes him look older.

  4. Paul Wagner is looking desperate for cash since he got out of prison. He is NOT aging well. He evidently needs to stay away from the drugs

    1. Prison? First I’ve heard of this. He’s never really gone away from porn or social media for any real length of time, so I’d need some proof of this assertion.

    2. The website is b*tchy trash, but Paul Wagner going to prison is exactly the sort of thing Str8upgayporn would have salivated over, and it has never mentioned it. So I’m calling BS on this.

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