Best of 2020

The Most Outrageous & Over-The-Top Scenes Of The Year

If there’s one studio that’s going to deliver absolutely batshit, over-the-top, and ridiculous scenes, it’s You can always count on them for the most outrageous plot points, storylines, and bareback situations and this year was definitely no exception!

Even throughout the pandemic, Men pushed out countless scenes with unrealistic premises that lead to some hot anal action. And guess what? We gobbled up every single one of them and now we’ve decided to comb through them all and find our favorites of the year. 

Take a look below at these insane scenes and be sure to let us know your favorite campy fuck video down in the comments. After you’re done with that, be sure to head over to to watch these videos in full. Don’t have an account? Sign up right now and get six months for free.


10) The Divorce Party (tie)

Featuring: Remy Duran, Michael Boston, Collin Simpson
This scene marked the non-hardcore porn debut of MTV Remy Duran. He later went on to film some other (more sexual) work for the studio, but not before he threw some cake at hunks Michael and Collin. [Read our original write-up] [Watch]


10) The Cock Nurse (tie)

Featuring: Kaleb Stryker, William Seed
That awkward moment when your boyfriend’s nurse starts riding his hard cock while you’re only a couple of feet away! [Read our original write-up][Watch]

Best of 2020

9) Chef At Home

Featuring: William Seed, Ashton Summers
The Men production company is surprisingly consistent because William’s girlfriend in this video is the same girlfriend he had in the video we just listed. While it’s interesting to see some plot carry over from video to video, it also just makes us feel bad for this girl. Dump William’s ass, honey! He’s gay as fuck!! [Read our original write-up][Watch]

Best of 2020

8) A DILF Will Do: Bareback

Featuring: Colby Jansen, Ty Mitchell
Sometimes you’re so horny that you’ll fucking anything! Even your girlfriend’s dad! [Watch]


7) Top Of The Fair Ass Wheel

Featuring: DeAngelo Jackson, Ty Mitchell, Joey Mills
We didn’t get a Coachella 2020, but at least we got these boys parodying that infamous Coachella blowjob from 2019. [Read our original write-up][Watch]


6) Sorry Mom

Featuring: Logan CrossDaniel Hausser, Myles Landon
Yet another woman who walks into a room and is shocked that the love of her life is having hardcore anal sex with other men. [Read our original write-up][Watch]

Best of 2020

5) Cockumber

Featuring: Bruno CartellaTy Shine
We’ve all stuck a vegetable up our hole before, but have you ever had a neighbor shove one up there for you? [Read our original write-up] [Watch]

Best of 2020

4) Ballsy Relaxation

Featuring: Kaleb StrykerKyle Connors
Do you like big, low-hanging balls on your man? Do you like big, low-hanging balls on your desk? [Watch]

Best of 2020

3) Big Daddy Tea Party

Featuring: Johnny DonovanReese Rideout
This scene is honestly so stupid that I didn’t even want to include it on this list. It’s basically just a guy walking in on his friend having a tea party with a blow-up doll, the two men then having sex with that blow-up doll, and then it ends with a pair of splooge covered madeleines. [Watch]


2) Sugar Babies

Featuring: Theo Brady, William Seed
Have you ever ditched your sugar daddy so you can go fuck one of his younger and hotter sugar babies? [Watch]

1) Clean-Up On Aisle 69

Featuring: William Seed, Ty Mitchell
Not only is this an extremely well-produced video (which grocery store let them film this scene in their store?!), but it’s also hot as hell. I mean, who hasn’t wanted to just rip off their pants and get ass blasted in the middle of a market before? [Watch]

Best of 2020


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