Today Your Prince Will Cum

Colby Keller is Prince Charming in “Zolushka”, an acclaimed, queer retelling of Cinderella by cult Seattle filmmaker Wes Hurley in eight genre-pushing minutes. And you will never believe what the
“glass slipper” turns out to be.

“Zolushka” tells the story of a bar worker who pines for his Prince Charming. Or in this case, visiting go-go boy, Colby Keller. Harassed by evil co-workers, who try to claim Colby for themselves, “Zolushka” undergoes a radical transformation, eventually landing his prince — until the clock strikes midnight.

“Zolushka” is the latest film selected for NakedSword Film Works (NSFW). “We’re proud to be able to debut Wes’ incredibly funny, sexy film,” said Tim Valenti, President of Falcon Studios Group, and creator of the NSFW line. “Our goal with NSFW has always been to give exposure to filmmakers who push boundaries of sexuality and film. Zolushka” is the perfect example — it’s not a hardcore film by any means, but it uses sexuality hilariously and unashamedly. I loved it.”

There’s a touch of “American Beauty” meets “Mean Girls” told from a Cindefella’s perspective.

Of course, there’s a bald, bearded Fairy G-dfather.

After their abrupt separation, Colby is desperate to find his mystery man again and conducts an exhaustive search of everyone in the bar. While the key to finding his identity has nothing to do with shoes, it just might have something to do with tongues.

[Watch “Zolushka” at NakedSword]

“Zolushka” joins “Raspberry Reich GR”, “Doors Cut Down”, “I Want Your Love.” “100 Boyfriends Mixtape,” “Hattie Goes Cruising,” and “Catharsis” at NakedSword Film Works (NSFW).

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