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Ryan Rose Gets DiMaggio’ed

The way Topher Dimaggio fucks Ryan Rose today will give your dick something to be thankful for. Ryan’s already is.

Topher DiMaggio and Ryan Rose open up the new Falcon movie, “About Last Night” and Topher opens up Ryan in an explosive pairing with even more explosive results. The explosive result is very likely to include you.

The pairing is epic … and so is the scene.

topher dimaggio ryan rose falcon“About Last Night” is the sordid tale a bachelor party that takes a very dark detour that puts the sin in Sin City. A sordid tale with one outstanding cast. In addition to Ryan, director Tony Dimarco has recruited fellow Falcon Studios Group exclusives JJ Knight, Brent Corrigan, Jacob Peterson, and Sebastian Kross along with Topher, Alex Mecum, and Colt Rivers. Something tells me JJ might not be getting married in the morning. This bachelor squad shows Vegas the meaning of a dirty night.

topher dimaggio ryan rose falconIn the beginning … Ryan Rose hired go-go dancer Topher DiMaggio for JJ’s bachelor party. Since Ryan is footing the bill, when Topher starts grinding against Ryan’s crotch, he gets both Ryan’s attention and his erection. For sure, Ryan knows his way around a scene. But Ryan wouldn’t be this happy unless Topher knew his way around a cock and an ass. Anyone with the sexual chops to please Ryan Rose, like this scene, should not be dismissed.

topher dimaggio ryan rose falconThe one thing that makes Topher more handsome is when he has a cock in his mouth. Especially when that cock belongs to Ryan Rose. But that cock is much than just in his mouth. On a good day, Topher could suck the legs off a table. Which means holiday aside, today is a great day. Especially for Ryan’s cock and that perfect pucker on the flipside.

topher dimaggio ryan rose falconIt takes one set of powerful legs to suspend yourself in mid-air. It also takes a skilled top to be able to thrust and fuck up into a hole. Topher and Ryan have both mad skills and mad stamina.

topher dimaggio ryan rose falconJust like the man himself, Ryan’s cum shots are always something to see. If you missed Topher drenching Bray Love in “Fame Game” or Trenton Ducati in “Batman”. fear not. After making Ryan bust his nut, the load he fires on top is packed with such volume and velocity, not even a single frame screen cap could capture it clearly. In the big picture, that’s just fine. This wasn’t meant to be captured, this was meant to be watched.

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