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The Ultimate Bareback Showdown

“Porn is not a bubble, it’s a mirror.”

From the beginning. we have addressed the sheer human, judicial, and medical folly behind Prop 60. Below are just our most recent 15 posts on the subject.

But it was last month that the Huffington Post unmasked another sad truth about Prop 60 – how Michael Weinstein and the AHF are the Citizen’s Untied against the community they portend to protect.

This is not just a porn problem. There’s a lot about Proposition 60 that should be problematic to California residents as well. Workers, doctors, public health experts, civil rights organizations, and dozens of local Democratic and Republican organizations throughout the state oppose the initiative. And yet, it’s moving forward. How?
The initiative is funded entirely by a global non-profit organization that touts a stated mission “to rid the world of AIDS.” So far, this one organization has spent approximately $4 million on a ballot measure that targets sex workers – money that could have gone towards programs that actually combat HIV and AIDS.

One organization, under the leadership of one man, is capable of exacting moralized values over an entire community that’s vocally and reasonably opposed – and this is precisely why we should all care about Proposition 60. Because at its essence, this initiative is about the sustained power and inequality shaping society, still, in 2016.

Empower yourself with the facts. Then empower our community with your vote.

vote no prop 60 never trump1: Gay Porn Stars Are Pro-Choice
2: Silence Weinstein’s Fears & Smears With Your Vote
3: In A Few Days, Doing This Could Land Diesel & Tyler In Jail

vote no prop 60 never trump4: Sex, Bullshit, & Bareback
5: Depreciated Since Birth: Donald Trump & Michael Weinstein
6: Even The Late Night Comedians Are Making Fun Of Prop 60

vote no prop 60 never trump7: Trumpian Attacks. Way To Keep It Classy, Weinstein
8: Prop 60 Will Apply To Real Porn Couples
9: Prop 60: Just Say No

vote no prop 60 never trump10: Play It Again, Barack
11: Voting No On Prop 60 May Be The Only Thing The GOP & Dems Agree On
12: The People’s Court: Gay Porn Star Edition

vote no prop 60 never trump13: Nope. Not Today Either, Satan.
14: Don’t Cry For Me, Michael Weinstein
15: Mandatory Condoms Are Undemocratic

We have less than three days and 15 hours to silence Weinstein, support Scott Wiener, defeat Prop 60, support our LGBTQ community, and ensure the future of America:

First, if you live in California, you already know what to do. If you have friends and relatives in the state, you know what you should be doing: talk to them to make sure they understand the truth, not the hyperbole.

If you live in San Francisco’s 11th Senate District, vote for Scott Wiener. If you live elsewhere, spread the word and visit to learn, donate, and volunteer.

Second, continue to empower yourself
Follow #NoProp60 on Twitter
Learn more at
Legislative Analysis of the Adult Film State Ballot Initiative in California
Initiative Breakdown by BallotPedia
Donate to and visit the Free Speech Coalition Website

Then cast your ballot:


1 thought on “The Ultimate Bareback Showdown”

  1. Honestly, only extreme megalomaniacs and sexual narcissists would be passionate about this “cause” (which is why the gay porn performers who indulge pan-sexuality and bi-sexuality have been most vocal).

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