Words And Phrases That Gay People Must Stop Saying Immediately

After spending the weekend with tens of thousands of my closest gay friends in San Francisco, a list:

22. Woof!
21. Woot!
20. I live!
19. I’m living!
18. I’m dying!

17. You killed it!
16. Just sayin’!
15. Any word or phrase preceded by a #.
14. Werq!
13. Any word or phrase deliberately misspelled.
12. No H8.
11. No Homo.
10. Holla!
9. Gurl.
8. Gurrrrrrl.
7. Amazeballs.
6. Fierce!
5. Mary.
4. OMGaga.
3. I’m strictly a top.
2. Sunday Funday!
1. Can you get me on the list?


9 thoughts on “Words And Phrases That Gay People Must Stop Saying Immediately”

  1. 22. As if you can stop all the horny dogs from sniffing each other’s butts, licking each other’s butts, or humping your leg
    21. I’m sure the rest of the US uses that term, so don’t discriminate against the gays. :-P
    20. Yes, you “live”.
    19. (see #20)
    18. Hurry up then.
    17. You’re next.
    16. (see #21)
    15. Welcome to the Internet/Texting Age, where people are bringing the virtual world into the real world, or at least attempting to.
    13. (see #15)
    12. Blame http://www.youtube.com.
    11. (see #12)
    10. (see #21)
    9. Call me that and you’re gonna have a black eye.
    8. (see #9)
    6. Fashion Designers/Models wannabes, they don’t even deserve our pity.
    5. Which one? There’s the virgin, and there’s the prostitute.
    4. If the gays are starting a church where they worship Lady Gaga (if they haven’t already), we are going to hell.
    3. Yeah right, and I’m Brad Pitt.
    2. Horrible pun, people who make them up should be shot.
    1. Get your own list, bitch!

    Oh how I love to hang out with my straight friends.

    1. Now I have to actually start using my Twitter account and send out twats that contains nothing but those 22 words.

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