Words Coming Out Of James Jamesson’s Mouth Again

If you loved his “raw vegan” video, you’ll love James Jamesson’s take on sex with his ex-girlfriend and the pitfalls of too much masturbation.

This is from March, but somehow I missed this KAT TALES interview, as conducted by KAT TALES, I think, for the KAT TALES blog or possibly KAT TALES TV. Can KAT TALES STFU and let my James talk?



And here is a recent James Jamesson scene, but don’t jack off to it too much. That’s sick.

[KAT TALES; NextDoorBuddies]

23 thoughts on “Words Coming Out Of James Jamesson’s Mouth Again”

  1. Please woman, shut up!
    If you ask a question, let the person you are interviewing answer.
    If I want to hear you talk I would look for an interview about you, this is suppose to be about him, or am i not getting the point?
    He is hot because he is who he is, that is what i like about him.
    He is young but I like his perception!

  2. You guys are misunderstanding what he said. He said if you do it ALL THE TIME you’ll never want pussy… and that is true. The computer becomes a substitute for the real thing and stops one from being in the real world.

  3. Hmmmm….What i got from his interview is that People who only sit at the computer and jack off are sick. Well if people only do that without going out in the world and making “Real” connections with other people is actually sick.

  4. Interesting how she just so casually insulted him. She seems to have that kind of “I’m so real” arrogance that gets a pass as intellectualizing but is really pure hostility.

        1. Is it wrong of me to want to debate this point solely because he (according to the Twitter) added LaRoux to his Pandora Radio? #stereotypes

  5. Estelle (as Helen Sinclair)

    No, no, don’t speak. Don’t speak. Please don’t speak. Please don’t speak. No. No. No.

  6. Also, the way the editors chopped the trailer up to make it seem like a sexy, gym rats version of Les Liaisons Dangereuses gave me a serious case of the giggles.

  7. I think he’s pretty damn hot for a redhead, but I like him even less as a person because of this video.

    If it wasn’t for the ‘sick’ ppl who spend their time jacking off in front of a computer, he would be out of a job. He’s an expendable performer.

  8. He’s starting to look like an unusually hot homeless person. But my favourite thing? About this video? Is how his inflection? Goes up at the end? Of every sentence? Like everything? Is a question? It makes him sound? Like a dumb teenage girl? And I like it when porn stars? Are dumb sounding? Because it’s not fair? If they’re hot? And also not stupid? Although it’s nice to see that even he’s not so stupid as to say the people watching his vids are wasting their lives.

  9. While I’ve heard of this guy, I never gave his material the time of day. From that interview, he doesn’t seem very bright. If he thinks it’s sick to jerk off in front of a computer, then isn’t it hypocritical to contribute to the creation of porn? Does he also consider the consumers who put a check in his pocket to be sick too?

  10. I love James! Its a thrill to watch him in action and he always has a smile on his face letting us know he is enjoying it. On the other head, KAT needs to shut up and let her subjects speak.

  11. With every passing video or blog, my impression of James Jamesson as a kitten wearing a lion’s costume solidifies itself. I want to tote him around in my pocket, you guys.

  12. She needed to shut up. What a shitty interviewer. Who does she think she is? Tyra. You don’t “interview” someone and then spend 2 and 1/2 minutes of a 3 minute interview explaining your own hangups.

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