The Trailer For “Eating Out 836,352”

And just think, the “filmmakers” shot two Eating Out sequels simultaneously, so the teaser for the one above is only half of what we all have to look forward to. Eating Out: Please Kill Yourselves premieres next month when it goes direct to Logo (of course) on July 24th. And yes, that’s Steven Daigle taking off his shirt at around 0:35. A star is born!

ADDED: Production stills from the movie below…

And, kidding aside, if the point of this movie is to feature extremely hot guys hamming it up in high camp, over the top sexual exploits, it looks like it’s a success. Also worth noting is the surreal, never-ending career trajectory of Steven Daigle. I can’t think of anyone who’s gone from reality teevee to hardcore gay porn and then to indie gay features–not even Brent Corrigan has the reality credit under his belt. So for those of you who thought Daigle’s 15 minutes would be over once his gay porn stint ended…think again.


10 thoughts on “The Trailer For “Eating Out 836,352””

  1. why do gay porn stars call it “Main Stream Films” ? most of the films they do outside of gay porn is gay themed , with all male cast, and they still have sex with men on film just not as graphic. Logo is the only network that will air the Eating Out Films, and they sell the DVD’s in Chi Chi LaRue’s sex shop. Steven is pushing 40 years old soon, so I guess let him have his fun while he can.

  2. At least Q. Allan Brocka picks hot guys. We should be thankful he isn’t mistaking himself for a sex symbol and casting himself as the lead like most other gay, indie filmmakers.

    If only Brocka would realize he’s not funny or a good storyteller. He could make the appropriate switch to porn directing.

  3. Who pays to fund this garbage, and who buys it? I saw the first one and that was enough. “Indie” gay cinema for the most part is just dreadful. You’re right about Daigle though, though I would say he at 14:59:59. David Taylor between his escort jobs is trying to make it as a “mainstream” actor as well. So are Vince Ferrelli and Seth Sweet/Hayden Stephens. Hayden/Seth was the Christopher Walken of gay porn, which might work if Dante’s Cove ever comes back.

    Independent gay cinema for the most part has been on the same level as Skinemax soft core porn. Hell at least Roger Corman and Russ Meyer films were fun to watch!

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