Trailer Exclusive: What Goes Around

Falcon’s What Goes Around could actually be considered non-fiction as it shows how all men who have sex with men who have had sex with other men have had sex with Erik Rhodes. Call it Six Degrees Of Erik Rhodes. Speaking of Erik Rhodes…this is the first release featuring his circumcised penis.

Starring Dayton O’Connor, Topher DiMaggio, Topher DiMaggio’s eyebrows, Parker London, Angelo Marconi, Jeremy Bilding (filmed before his retirement), Erik Rhodes, and Erik Rhodes’ new dick. Unfortunately, this trailer doesn’t highlight the lack of foreskin, but it looks perfectly fine in the photos:

What Goes Around trailer:


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10 thoughts on “Trailer Exclusive: <em>What Goes Around</em>”

  1. rhodes doesn’t do anything for me, but that hot assed meaty, sexy hot lips angelo marconi! wow that’s the bottom boy i go for

  2. looks sooo fine!the rs change is a good thing for falcon after all.
    parker london and bilding look really hot here and I can’t really hate topher’s eyebrows,not after all the effort he puts into it.

  3. Doesn’t look half bad to me, i thought it almost had a 90’s type porn look to it with the cutaway scenes from the guys interacting to them fucking. Different look to it very nice. I am still liking this merger with raging falcon.

  4. Aside from Parker London , all the bottom guys in this movie are ugly . And Erik Rhodes topping…NO, DO GET FUCKED man!!!

  5. I can’t believe I am about to say this but … this trailer actually looks like a good movie. Still don’t understand what possessed Eric Rhodes but I personally don’t care either way uncut/cut so whatever

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