There’s Something About Brandon Wilde’s Asshole

I can’t quite put my finger in it, but Brandon Wilde’s asshole has had me in a trance all afternoon. Fuck it or frame it, this hole is a work of art!

Exactly one year ago today, Brandon Wilde made news here when he went to dinner with a Republican state senator in Minnesota. Today, he makes news because gay porn superstar Brent Everett is fucking him in a new Channel One movie. Brandon Wilde’s manager, Jason Sechrest, calls the movie “one of the highest anticipated smashes of the summer,” which is exactly the kind of breathless hyperbole I can really get behind when looking at an ass like Brandon Wilde’s. Another pun? OK. The title of this movie (now playing in full here) is Take A Load Off, so, shoot a load when you watch it.

My one complaint: Where are they having sex? An abandoned See’s Candies? Other than that, I give this and Brandon Wilde’s cotton candy-esque hole two big thumbs up.

[Channel One: Take A Load Off]

15 thoughts on “There’s Something About Brandon Wilde’s Asshole”

  1. His ass is so hot I cant get enough of it. The shape is great, his crack is so hot and his cheeks too. And everytime I look at it I get so horny. If he didnt have that thing on it would be better. I want to see it in real life.

  2. Looks hot. Lots of guys I like, and that last shot of Brandon writhing on Brent’s lap is a keeper. I even like the music.

  3. About 2 months ago I was interested in maybe seeing if there was a preview of this scene and did a Google on “Brent Everett and Brandon Wilde” and up popped 30 or 40 file sharing sites. I’m not really sure about those but I was horny and for free downloaded from one that took about 10 minutes. The entire scene. I guess it was filmed as something online cause you could hear ChiChi the entire time “now lean this way” “Oh perfect perfect”. Watched it a couple times, deleted it. Noted it was the same scene from the movie unless they filmed another one.
    Not encouraging this or anything, but it made me skip on a DVD I might otherwise would have ordered.

  4. Cute boy. GREAT performer – he obviously likes to get fucked. Anybody who has been reading the comments here for a while knows exactly what I would have to be bitching about about him. But I wont say it. But I think it. Sigh.

  5. He’s getting more and more adorable all the time!!! How is this possible (or fair?) Love him, thanks for posting these Zach!

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