Ashton Silvers, Trevor Brooks, Des Irez

Would You ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ to See Who Bottoms?

I’m sorry, should that be “Cock, Paper, Scissors”? Regardless, it’s a fun foreplay idea, and thankfully in this scene everybody wins—making for my favorite kind of threeway, one where everybody tops and bottoms!

Next Door unveiled the perfect example of this earlier this year in their underrated and scorching scene with Isaac X, Michael Roman and Lane Colten, Now, we get to see one of Lane’s fellow fantastic newcomers, Trevor Brooks, get his turn (Trevor and Lane are two of the greatest in the Class of 2022, and their scene together topped our list of the Top 10 CockyBoys Scenes of 2022…So Far!).

Ashton Silvers, Trevor Brooks, Des Irez Ashton Silvers, Trevor Brooks, Des Irez

Trevor’s partners in crime are Des Irez and Ashton Silvers, aka Kyler from Corbin Fisher (speaking of underrated, he’s been putting in some solid work these last few years with that meaty cock of his, and I’m always happy to see him in a scene). The three decide to play “rock, paper, scissors” to see who bottoms, and after they each win and lose a round decide to put on a verse party. (I’d totally pick rock…what about you?)

Ashton Silvers, Trevor Brooks, Des Irez Ashton Silvers, Trevor Brooks, Des Irez

We’ve just started to see Trevor embrace his top side after being all bottom in his first handful of scenes, flipping with Evan Knoxx and then being all top with Greyson Myles in the debut of the new CockyBoys feature Happy Endings. Here he gets his hungry holes filled at both ends in a yummy spit roast, while also fucking Ashton in another hot spit roast. Meanwhile, Des stays nice and stiff when he takes turns sitting down on both of his buds.

Ashton Silvers, Trevor Brooks, Des Irez Ashton Silvers, Trevor Brooks, Des Irez

Who’s your favorite top and bottom here? (And I’ll say it again: Next Door, you need better action stills!)

See the full scene at Next Door Studios!


3 thoughts on “Would You ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ to See Who Bottoms?”

  1. No ‘Rock, Paper, Sissors’ for me. If I’m with a hot guy, I don’t want to risk not getting fucked. IMO bottoming is 10x more pleasurable than topping. Topping for me is like masturbating. My cock is getting pleasured. When I’m bottoming, which is almost always, my entire body is on fire.

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