Former Randy Blue Model Gabriel Shams Resurfaces As Buff Daddy

Randy Blue fans may recall cute, versatile bearded model Gabriel Shams, who shot just three scenes, including his introductory solo, for RB back in 2008. Well, he’s coming back to porn after a six-year hiatus, looking a lot buffer and daddyish after getting a graduate degree in England and hitting the gym a lot. And he’s escorting too, in New York City.

As he tells Gay Porn Blog in an exclusive interview, his porn career came to an abrupt halt back in 2009 when he was scheduled to shoot a fourth scene for Randy Blue and pulled out of it at the last minute because he had just met and fell in love with a Spaniard the night before who didn’t want him doing porn. “I said, ‘Surely this has happened before?’ But [the people at Randy Blue] were like, ‘No.’ I was really embarrassed but super content of my decision,” he says.

Now, after shooting a quick solo scene in Max Sohl’s office for Treasure Island Media last spring, he’s spent 10 months hitting the gym and he’s eager to get back to fucking on screen. And he’s recently done a couple of photo shoots with Joe Oppedisano.

Where will he appear first? Well, it sounds like he’s preparing to his first bareback scene any day now with Treasure Island, but he’s also shot a scene in this Bible-themed porn feature David Loves Jonathan, which dramatizes some homoerotic moments from the Bible and is being funded by some faith-based gays, including an ordained priest. In it, Tommy Defendi plays Jesus! As Gabriel explains:

They’re giving voice to these homoerotic stories in the Bible that have been overlooked over the years… They are all based on research and books. My scene is from a story that’s in the Bible. I play a Roman Centurion and one of my servant boys is sick. Has a plethora of servants so why would he care so much about this one unless they were intimate? I ask Jesus to cross into Roman territories to heal him: Jesus heals the servant and they have this moment of realization — this is where the writers and directors have given themselves artistic license with the stories — and the Roman gets jealous because Jesus and the servant messed around. Then there’s this chase scene through the wilderness (which is supposed to be Nazareth). My fuck scene isn’t with Jesus — it’s with my servant.

Below, some stills from Shams’ April 2013 TIM shoot, followed by some more recent ones, including one where he’s wearing his Roman Centurion costume. Then we flash back to Gabriel getting fucked by Chris Rockway circa 2008. Read the whole Gay Porn Blog interview here. Follow him on Twitter here.




(Bottom two photos by Joe Oppedisano)

[Randy Blue: Gabriel Shams]

19 thoughts on “Former Randy Blue Model Gabriel Shams Resurfaces As Buff Daddy”

  1. Christ, have some heart and compassion guys. The comments on here from some are a complete and utter disgrace. Hang your heads in shame.

  2. Maybe some prefer the old Gabriel. Maybe some prefer the new. I really don’t care one way or the other. The past six years came equipped with two undergraduate degrees (summa cum laude) and a master’s degree, the latter as a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Cambridge (UK not US), the passing of a 25,000 word dissertation, three heartbreaks, one that resulted in the destruction of computer, research, and wardrobe, the death of a best friend in SF, a bullet wound to the leg, a week in jail for asserting my civil rights, a deportation and denial of my right to return to my home, a destruction of yet another computer via detonation, again as a violation of my civil rights, a kidney stone attack, the completion of my first book (unpublished), the start of my second book which will be published, plus the gaining of 23 pounds since moving to NYC. Rode hard and put away wet? Wear and tear? LOL, I’m having a blast and healthier and happier than ever.

  3. Damn it does look more like a 15 year difference than a 5 year. If you compare the 08 to his recent pics, there is a huge mass difference. He was way more leaner, i don’t know why guys think bulkier is better. Either way, the guy is hot. GayPornBlog has more pictures and his backside is as tight and smooth as any 20 year old’s.

    1. PNP = ” Party and Play ” ( ‘ Party ‘ = meth, cristal, tina… ; ‘ Play ‘ = sex ). Not a good thing.

    1. Well he could be lying and actually be older than that. BTW you notice his rentboy profile under fetishes/specialties it says PnP? Perhaps there’s the reason for the wear and tear. Also, he kind of left out his sex practices. I guess that means barebacking is an option for escorting.

  4. NOoOooooOOOoOoOooooOOoOooOoOOoOo
    I prefer the old version. He was so sexy then/
    TIM? Will he be shooting bareback? That would be hot.

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