GAYVN Awards

Who Should Win Performer of the Year at the 2024 GAYVN Awards?

The 2024 GAYVN Awards will be handed Thursday in Las Vegas (check out all of the noms!). Here we look at 15 studs up for Performer of the Year. Who should win? Vote in our poll below! (And check out our Best Newcomer poll here!)

GAYVN Awards

Silas Brooks
Beau Butler
Cade Maddox

GAYVN Awards

Cole Connor
Dillon Diaz
Jim Durden

GAYVN Awards

Jayden Marcos
Joey Mills
Damian Night (aka Roman)

GAYVN Awards

Sir Peter
Cody Seiya
Rhyheim Shabazz

GAYVN Awards

Roman Todd
Legrand Wolf
Sean Xavier

Who’s your favorite? Vote in our poll!


7 thoughts on “Who Should Win Performer of the Year at the 2024 GAYVN Awards?”

  1. This is such a lazy attempt at a story – no actual writing and it’s virtually a carbon copy of yesterdays post. Do better Dan Carringron.

  2. Universal Potentate

    I was struggling with these answer choices.
    The 1st 4 showing up on this poll? ABSOLUTELY NOT!
    Jayden Marcos was 1st
    Joey Mills a CLOSE 2nd
    Cody Seiya and Sean Xavier both did some great stuff this year.
    Jim Durden is an odd entry. He has done some AMAZING work in the past. His super flexible knees and hips make him this crazy bottom who can get into all manner of positions, but he disappeared in 2023. Not sure why he’s there.

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