Is It Even Possible That Eli Hunter Was Sober In This Sketchy Sex Video?

I don’t want to suggest that most bareback bottom models aren’t 100 percent clean and sober when they appear on camera to be ravenous, insatiable, grunting cum monsters who feel no pain and want to take infinite loads. But, like, maybe sometimes?

I mean, sure, some people are just naturally ravenous, insatiable, grunting cum whores who feel no pain and always want to take infinite loads, and I’m not trying to slut/perv-shame anyone here. As model Eli Hunter says on his Twitter page, “I’m a pervert. Does that offend you?” At the very least we know he likes his weed and his wine.

The latest scene from Sketchy Sex is, like every other scene they’ve done, intense and raw and amateur-feeling. These are, however, mostly seasoned porn performers despite the pretenses about the site being all, like, captured footage from some cum crazy frat house / meth den. Recent updates have featured the likes of Nicoli Cole, Seamus O’Reilly, Lucas Knight, Sam Truitt, Drake Tyler, and Wolfie Blue, who’s becoming a star attraction of a party bottom over there, and the latest, called Need My Fix, features Wolfie as well as Eli Hunter getting … ahem … bred.

As you can see, it’s all real cummy, and Eli poops out a load in between getting a new load plowed into him. So many loads! Maybe it’s just that a cum spurting hole does nothing for my boner personally, but hey, whatever gets you off.

I would just like to say that Eli plays the role of a tweaker real well. And his ass can take infinite loads.



[Sketchy Sex: Need My Fix]

8 thoughts on “Is It Even Possible That Eli Hunter Was Sober In This Sketchy Sex Video?”

  1. Eli Hunter is also — ready? — allegedly straight.
    Hey, may be you can rationalize repeatedly liking cock and cum up your butt and being heterosexual If You Let Yourself Be Filmed While Doing It And Get Paid for it.
    Hah haaah haaaaaaa.

  2. Eli Hunter isn’t your typical, muscle bound fuck god. He looks ordinary, like guys I was hot for in college. THAT’S why he is such a boner boomer. He is INCREDIBLY sexy. I fucking LOVE the guy!! That moment when his hole pooped nut was for me well up in the top ten of BB porn scenes. We need to see more of this guy being gangbanged with sweat. Keep it up, Eli. You are loved

  3. His ass isn’t squirting cum, it’s squirting lotion, maybe cetaphil. SS hasn’t had ANY real cum since 2014. If you examine carefully you’ll see that it never actually “shoots” out of a cock slit — it usually “shoots” from underneath the dick.

  4. you accuse him of being drunk… but don’t offer any evidence? (and you praise known drug addicts for boring scenes) this is a really good scene.

    1. i mean to say “examples”. … like “he seems like he’s drunk because of reason a b and c” . there was none of that.

  5. Before anyone goes and accuses him of being high on meth or something it should be stated that he is almost certainly not under the influence of crystal meth he does not show any of the tell tale signs like dilated pupils, grinding teeth, penis unable to maintain and erection…..

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