Tommy Defendi: With Or Without A Beard?

On the left, a clean-shaven Tommy Defendi in Office Affairs (free hardcore trailer of Tommy fucking Marcus Mojo here). On the right, scruffy Tommy in Golden Gate: Season 2 (where he fucks Chris Porter).

If Tommy Defendi was going to fuck you (he’s not), would you want him fucking you with or without a beard? Vote below!


8 thoughts on “Tommy Defendi: With Or Without A Beard?”

    1. Agreed. He has such a handsome face, why would he want to cover it up? (Although, of course, he’s scorching either way.)

  1. Clean-shaven he looks too boyish – way more manly with the beard! But yeah, either way I probably wouldn’t say no.

  2. Scruffy Tommy looks dirty (in a very good way) and I would want Tommy to be dirty with me, so most definitely with.

    Really though I wouldn’t say no to either, who could?

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