A “Star” Is Born

Versatile gay porn newcomer with a huge cock, go-go boy with a tight and toned body, and the gorgeous face that re-launched Cocky Boys last month, 22-year-old Mason Star has everything people look for in someone they’re going to masturbate to. Before you do that though, read his first-ever exclusive interview below.






The Sword: It’s the question that gets asked a lot, but here it is anyways…how’d you get into porn?
Mason Star: I had been thinking about it for a while, but really it was my mom who inspired me.

Your mom?
Yeah! She always taught me to love the human body. She’s inspired me to enjoy life, celebrate the body, and to not take anything too seriously. She’s my all time best friend.

Has she seen your work?
No, she hasn’t watched. The only person in my family who has is my cousin.

So how did you actually get started working though?
Well, I dated the Jarics when I was 19–they’re the ones who actually exposed me to the industry.

Wait, you dated the Jarics–Aden and Jordan Jaric?
Sort of. I met them at a party, and later I moved in and lived with them for about six months. They taught me so much about how to have self esteem and how to have sex appeal. They really took me under their wing, and it was both sexual and a friendship, too. Like friends with benefits. Now, Aden is my best friend. He’s like my big brother.

Have you been keeping up with Jordan since his brain surgery?
I have. I keep in touch and make sure he’s doing OK, which he is, by the way. He’s doing great.

That’s good to hear. Before you signed with Cocky Boys, your first performances were for Next Door Buddies and Rod Daily?
Right. And when I did move over to Cocky Boys, I really felt at home. I love everyone there.

You also had a straight scene on Next Door Hook-Ups, but you’re gay. How did it feel going straight-for-pay?
I’ve actually had sex with girls before. Back in high school, I had a girlfriend for two years. I tried to not be gay when I was in school because I didn’t understand it, and I had never been exposed to it. But I knew I was gay when the girls just didn’t give me a boner.

But you went on pretending you were straight until…
Until I graduated high school. It was like I had to prove to my friends and my girlfriend that I was straight by being amazing in bed. If girls thought I was good in bed, people wouldn’t think I was gay.

A lot of guys go through the very same thing.
Yeah, but I still find girls beautiful. And sex with a girl can still feel good. How could it not? I mean, even though I was just performing during my straight scene, a warm pussy is a warm pussy. It feels good!

I’ve read some of the comments online where people have complained about you “selling out” by having sex with a girl. Or, some people have gotten it all wrong and assumed you were actually straight and just another gay-for-pay porn star. How do you deal with criticism? Were you prepared for it?
Some of it cracks me up, like with the straight scene especially. It’s like, it’s just a performance, guys. Neil Patrick Harris is gay and he’s played plenty of straight roles, but do gay people attack him? Gays can be pretty vicious and unforgiving to each other, and they’ll find the smallest things and try to use them to destroy you! Like, some people don’t like my tattoos? Fine! Don’t watch me. Don’t look at my tattoos.

And it’s the same for all online commenting, whether someone is commenting about a porn star or a movie star. It’s somehow really gratifying for someone to be this anonymous monster and say these hateful things about someone they don’t even know.
Do I let it ruin my day though? No. I can’t let that sort of thing ruin my day. I’m the only one who can make things good and positive for myself. I’m the one who decides what kind of day I’m going to have.

You seem well equipped to deal with what happens when you become a porn star. Do you think the term “porn star” is tossed around too much though?
Yes! When people are just coming up in the business and call themselves porn stars, it’s like, no. No. You’re somebody who does porn. You’re not a porn star. I, right now, am somebody who does porn.

As a performer today, you almost have to share your entire personal life online. Do you feel obligated to communicate with fans through social media? Would you be doing it anyways if you weren’t someone in the public eye?
I would be doing it anyways, the tweeting and the posting of pics, as it gives people an opportunity to meet me. If it wasn’t for porn fans I obviously wouldn’t be here. I like to show people what I’m doing, where I’m going, where I’m hanging out with friends, and all the costumes I make when I dance. I want people to see my artistic side and know who I really am. I don’t want to just be like, “Here’s this scene I did, here’s this scene I did, here’s this naked pic of me, here’s this guy I fucked, here I am shooting a scene.”

What performers did you watch before you got into the business yourself?
I was and still am a big fan of Phenix Saint and Sebastian Young–any guys with tattoos really. They’re like my visual g-spot. At the same time I’m way into the Bel Ami boys; I can’t get over how hot they are. And, Rod Daily! I screamed when I found out I was going to be working with him.

Do you have a boyfriend?
No. Sadly, I’m single.

Why “sadly”?
I’ve been single for two years, but every time I go on a trip I end up meeting someone. It’s like, can’t there be someone here in Sacramento? Then again, I feel like being single and just having sex in porn is safer and easier than having sex in my personal life. Everything’s in a controlled environment and everyone plays safe.

So, you prefer sex without a relationship?
No, no. Work is work and I love what I do. But, in my personal life, I’m not one to go out and just fuck somebody. If somebody wants to fuck me, then I want some form of commitment. Sex is easy to get. I don’t want just sex. I want the intensity that comes with a commitment. I want more.


For more Mason:
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Mason Star’s recent Cocky Boys movie, with Phenix Saint and Jimmy Clay:


[Cocky Boys: Mason Star]

30 thoughts on “A “Star” Is Born”

  1. All it´s so simple!! “Gay men” who make gay porn first and say they´re gay and then is fucking women in porn or the real life not deserve our suport, they have to lose all, hava to be in misery, have to be dead all of them. The change begins for us, so let them and tell´em FUCK UP!!

  2. no one has to do anything. it fustrates me when people say they had to do the sex scene, they had to screw so and so for money. you have to apply to be a porn star, and send your stats. they don’t kidnap you and make you have sex!

  3. I’m about 2 give Mason-Star a dost of Reality if he can’t tell the difference between a Actor on Tv-show who pretend 2 have sex with women from a real gay porn star like him-self.Who really is having sex with women & calling it str8 4 pay then you Mason-Star R a real idiot for sure.Beside Neil-P-Harris is a gay actor who has a real boy-friend & twin-babies at home he not having sex with the actresses on his Tv-show get it knuckle-head.As for not taking it serieously it’s only porn when a gay porn star has sex with women such as your self & think it no big deal he must be completely stupid. Because a real gay man would know better than 2 fool him-self into thinking such a lie because your never going 2 convince hard core anti-gay groups,ex-gay organizations and religious nut-jobs not 2 take it serieously if you do than your dummer than I thought.They will just use it as proof that gays can be cured & being gay is a life-style choice if you think i’m wrong i will kiss your white-ass other-wise stop being a dum ass-hole your not helping the gay community by fucking women jack-ass get a fucking clue and then go get a reality-check.

  4. I wanted to add something positive. I really like/ appreciate his natural, muscular, but kind of on the small side body. Hope he doesn’t disappear for a few months and come back all roided out!

  5. Such sturm & drang about one particular sex act a sex worker was paid to film. . .

    I think he’s a little doll. I also think people who presume to tell other people what their sexual orientation is are really presumptuous.

  6. “But I knew I was gay when the girls just didn’t give me a boner.”

    Says the guy who had no trouble getting a boner for his straight scene yet has to jack his dick in his gay scenes to stay hard. Guess being gay has little to do with actually being attracted guys then, eh?

    This guy enters the biz as one of the very few performers who claim to be gay in their personal lives, and what’s the first thing he does? Fuck a woman. He’s only playing the gay card now because he realizes viewers are hip to his bullshit. Besides, he’s already admitted he’s really bisexual (which is NOT the same as gay, ladies and gentlemen, no matter how many bi guys would like you to believe the terms are interchangeable).

    Zach is so blinded by his obsession he probably thinks this guy shits gold.

    1. Exactly which scenes has he had to “to jack his dick in his gay scenes to stay hard”? I have seen most of his work…..and it all looks authentic to me. Also, have you seen ANY of his twitter pics at GAY PRIDE!! LOL. I don’t think he is now pretending to be Gay.

      1. His scenes with Johnny Torque, Anthony Romero, and Rod Daily. He didn’t seem comfortable at all with the latter, in fact. I’m not the only one who noticed this, by the way. Several posters on other message boards have commented on how he looked way more into his straight scene than his gay ones.

        Many non-gay people go to Pride events, you know (as do bisexuals, in fact). And it’s not uncommon for gay porn actors to go to these events to boost their own careers. Seems I recall Reese Rideout (who is straight) parading around at a Pride event sometime last year. Believe it or not, there’s not some invisible pink barrier at the entrance of a Pride parade that only fairies can cross.

    2. As a GAY (not bisexual) man, I find nothing more offensive or degrading than watching a GAY man be paid to have sex with a woman on film. That is second only to being told by porn impresarios, performers and GAY “fans” who refuse to look past their own hard-ons that it’s no big deal, it’s just sex, it’s just pussy, get over it, or that it makes me intolerant. They’re wrong, it’s more than that. It’s a statement. We don’t live in a fair and equal world, and the same rules don’t apply to everyone. Anyone who has gone through extraordinary struggle of coming out as a GAY person so they may live their lives open and honestly should understand how hurtful and disgraceful it is to watch someone feed into the hysteria of homosexuality being a choice by being paid to go against their nature and have straight sex on film. (Don’t give me that Neil Patrick Harris / actor bullshit. These are “performers” whose sole job is to fuck on film for our pleasure and fantasy, not an “actor” practicing their craft).

      Zach and The Sword seem to be wobbly on this issue – if it’s a performer they don’t particularly like – Daigle, Randall, then they’re critical, if they happen to have a hard on for them, then they’re not as you see here with Mason. They’ve also missed many – Seth Roberts, Logan McCree, Ricky Sinz & Raging Stallion, Cameron Marshall, etc. The list is sadly far too long. Other blogs (whom I won’t name) have been much more supportive, I’d go so far to say championing the issue.

      I have no problem with women, pussy, watching straight men have sexing with women (or even TRULY out and proud BI me – of which I’ve ever only met *1* in my ENTIRE life). I often watch straight porn and get off it, but I get off watching the performers gets off on each other, doing what they would do in their private life, not being paid to be someone they’re not (that goes for gay-for-pay too but I won’t get into that here – this post is already WAY too long). That is the definition of degrading to me.

      I myself steadfastly refuse to support any actor or studio who produces this material and unfortunately that list is growing. Next Door, Cruise/Cocksure Media, Raging Stallion and now even Chi Chi all have dirty hands.

      1. Just re-read some of Mason’s comments and wanted to add this – this isn’t an issue of personal preference about someone’s looks or whether they’re your type of performer (“I’m not into tattoos so I don’t watch any scenes with so-and-so, I’m not into twinks so I don’t watch X, I’m not into shaved guys so I don’t watch Y.” yadda yadda) It’s not about what you look like, it’s about what you’re doing. A (self-proclaimed) gay man fucking a woman for money – and presumably our (?? – who is that exactly) “pleasure” – and saying “hey look, anyone can do this, it’s easy, no big deal! come on everybody!” Not to bring up another touchy subject but it’s the same argument a lot of people make for not supporting TIM and their performers – different issue, same concept.

    3. MMDD – I was just searching through old posts and saw your response to the Arpad Miklos controversy. I must say that you and oa65 had the most well written, insightful and dead on commentary on this topic I’ve ever read (including my own rambling replies). I just wanted to commend you and reference it again here for people to take a peek at. Flawless my friend!!

      Arpad Miklos Responds to His ‘Straight-For-Pay’ Haters

      Oh and oa65, I’ve you’re reading this, you may want to retract your Logan McCree statement – do a little google search on his recent “activities”.

      1. tdc – Thanks so much for your affirming comments. You post here is very thoughtful and insightful too. I also appreciate you linking back to the Arpad Miklos thread. I had not seen oa65’s excellent post there.

        As far as I’m concerned, the “gay” porn industry is one of the most self-serving, hypocritical, and homophobic places on the face of the earth. Every time you turn around you’re confronted with straight performers who make it loud and clear they get absolutely NOTHING out of their sex scenes with other guys, while the few supposedly “out and proud” gay performers don’t think twice about having sex with women and following it up by declaring how awesome it is, how it’s “just a performance,” and how those who are turned off simply shouldn’t watch it and are vicious, closed-minded queens who should “stop taking it so seriously.” This is internalized homophobia cleverly disguised by an industry that has sucked in gay men for years and sends out the not-so-subtle message that all men–even the gay ones–are supposed to love pussy. For this reason I’m extremely critical of any supposedly openly “gay” performer in the biz because time and time again we are handed that charade only to find out sooner or later it’s a lie. Fact is I’ve never encountered a “gay” performer in this business who wasn’t into women sexually to a great or lesser degree. If Mason Star, Brent Corrigan, Johnny Hazzard, Steve Cruz, or any of the other extremely small number of openly “gay” performers suddenly pulled a Logan McCree and started dating a woman, talked about how happy he was and how “love knows no gender” or some other bullshit like that, then got all defensive about it on some blog–well, it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest.

        Anyway, I could probably ramble on, but instead I’ll just say: Thanks again. :-)

  7. Meh.. he’s kinda like porridge… Ok, but nothing special. You’d much rather be eating something else.

  8. Get back to me when they start hiring guys that don’t all look like variations of the same person. I’m not even sure which sure which one is him.

  9. Estelle I wish I could take my own life as seriously as you took what this guy had to say…he mentioned a gay actor who plays a womanizer on tv to make a point he didn’t ask for the oscar nor any kind of artistic recognition.

    1. I second that!! Well Said. Mason’s whole point is….Don’t take all of this too Seriously. Smart!

    2. Actually aiden I didn’t take it seriously that is why I thought the comparison was ridiculous and silly and didn’t hold water. Though I admit I don’t see the reason to do a straight scene to start out your GAY porn career plus working for two companies that fetishize straight men. His taste in men is shall I say interesting… someone who beats up elderly people (Sebastian Young) and someone who has made it clear he doesn’t care for gay people (Cody Cummings). Gays are vicious but he goes for a bully and a homophobe. Maybe that says something about his issues with being gay, maybe not.

      I don’t know, I guess I enjoy performers that enjoy being gay (Dean Monroe, Chris Porter, Colby Keller for example).

      1. well the scene was for NDS and tbh I don’t blame whatever choices these models have to make to get a job done…the studio requires them to act as straight as possible just like they’re doing with tyler torro for example…the iter is pretend to be straight and do a straight scene-bi scene,suck cody cummings and do a bunch of gay scenes…so i don0t really blame him if the studio pushed him contractually in order to work.

        I’m not defending him in fact I know very little,just pointing out that austin wilde and romero who are very outspoken towards this issues and very proud gay men are still working with nextdoor but I wouldn’t consider them “traitors” because at the end it’s their job/career and have to pay bills,maybe Star without being verbal about it really disliked that experience and moved in a different direction.#justsaying….
        Yeah i find it kinda “meh” that he started off with a straight scene as well..

  10. “It’s somehow really gratifying for someone to be this anonymous monster and say these hateful things about someone they don’t even know.”

    Do I have to put it on youtube. I just got a new HD webcam and I would gladly put it to use by disparaging his name along with all of the other money hungry “for pay” sluts. I’m not your typical internet thug. I’d tell them the truth in person. Bottom line, they need to stop making gays look bad. And we have to be unforgivable, otherwise, people would walk all over us like they do in gay porn.

  11. Porn performers stop comparing yourselves to trained stage and film actors, it’s not the same. You aren’t actors, you are sex workers. Please don’t kid yourselves into thinking that you can compare what you do with what Julianne Moore and Annette Bening did in The Kids are All Right, or Colin Firth in A Single Man.

  12. Can (actually) gay porn stars PLEASE stop having sex with women? It kind of kills the fantasy. Ugh, enough already with all of this internalized homophobia in the industry. Who actually likes watching that?

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