Why Won’t Chase Hostler Show Us His Penis? (Too Bad! We Found It Anyway!)!



Nothing infuriates me more than a hot guy who won’t part with a cock shot. Case in point, New York’s favorite go-go boy, Chase Hostler. He’s been the muse for everyone from David Mason (Slick It Up) to photogs like Joe Oppendisano, Rick Day, Aaron Cobbett and Thomas Synnamon (all below). Who could blame them — he’s got the most edible ass since Francois Sagat, and the body of Owen Hawk in his boychik days.



Of course, if you’re really desperate (AND I’M NOT SAYING I AM), there’s this artist’s “imagining.”

We figure he’s got to have sent one of you his cock shot. And if one of you doesn’t send it here by sundown (for verification purposes only!), we’re publishing a story about his secret teenser shame.

UPDATE! Our threats worked! We’ve seen it! It’s not a hundred inches long, but it’s thick and veiny and gorgeous. We’ll let you see it when we’re done chewing on it.

The pictures keep rolling in. ALLEGEDLY. They ALLEGEDLY look like he shot some “art photos” for Rick Day after his “catalog” shoot was over. ALLEGEDLY, I am not still masturbating.

Chase Hostler

OOH LA LA! Have at it boys!

Chase In Your Face (Blogspot)


15 thoughts on “Why Won’t Chase Hostler Show Us His Penis? (Too Bad! We Found It Anyway!)!”

  1. I always sort of liked the fact that he didn’t show his penis. It always left something for the imagination and there was always a lot to appreciate in other areas of his look that he did show.

  2. My boyfriend worked with him at a soho restaurant a few years ago and the staff had a nick name for him “Baby Legs” because of his short legs. :) I always fantasized about having those baby legs on my shoulders :)

  3. While Chase is definitely a stunner, don’t forget the former holders of the title “New York’s favourite go-go boy” – Matt Bell, Jay Lino and Owen Clarke. I have experience of all three of their dicks too.

  4. This way you can fantasize him having a 6, 8, or 10 inch dick, cut or uncut. Once you see it, you may not like it because he’s cut/uncut or something. Besides, bottoms don’t have to see the penis to enjoy it, they feel it sliding in and out, feel their ass getting pounded, and watch his abs flexing as he pounds away. Tops just have to imagine pounding away his amazing ass doggy style, feeling the muscles on his back, and the flexing of his triceps as he holds himself up wanting to get fucked even more.

    Oh the possibilities. :-)

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