And Now, the Top 10 Videos Of the Last Week (and Top 5 of the last Month)

The Sword’s Department of Statistical Clicking has come up with the following lists for your ongoing wanking pleasure.

The following rankings of most watched pornographic material are based on NakedSword viewership, and the NakedSword catalogue of content — which includes dozens of studios large and small, however, not every single one and no, Sean Cody is not on there.

And as you can see, a lot of people still come on down for Treasure Island Media and Eurocreme, with recent titles like Cum Whore (starring Steven Daigle), and Eurocreme’s Fit as Fuck drawing in big crowds of horny viewers.

First up, last week’s most recent hits.

10. Frat House Cream (NakedSword Originals)


9. Raw Tattoo Boys (Breed Me Media)


8. Hard Raw Fuck (Jalif)


7. The New Black (CockyBoys)


6. Six Feet of Meat (Hung Lads/Eurocreme)


5. Massive Invasion (Next Door Studios)


4. Drop Your Pants (Bel Ami)


3. Shockwave Anthology 1 (Dark Alley)


2. Big Cock Bad Boys (Vimpex)


1. Fit as Fuck (Eurocreme)




…And these are the top 5 most watched videos from the last month are….

5. Fuck & Cum (NakedSword Originals)


4. Frat House Cream (NakedSword Originals)


3. Bareback Fucking (SX Video)


2. I Want Your Love (NakedSword Originals)


1. Cum Whore (Treasure Island Media)


6 thoughts on “And Now, the Top 10 Videos Of the Last Week (and Top 5 of the last Month)”

  1. I really like Duncan too, but may be he needs to refrain from jacking for a time before he shoots a scene… he is almost always limp! I think he “likes” what he is doing, but his limp wiener kind of kills the scene for me.

  2. I think Duncan Black is becoming an amazing performer lately. And, his new look with the goatee and longer hair makes him look much more sexier. He looks more manly now, than twinkish.

  3. loved hooker stories nr 2 with genesis, coz it’s so fuck’n realistic, well filmed, stylish in a way and still very hot

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