Kyle Fletcher, Cristiano

Are You a 69 Top or a 69 Bottom?

If you’re like me, you probably default to the side suck position whenever you 69. It’s easy, and it’s an equal-effort ask of both parties. But sometimes, you wanna mix things up. In those instances, do you prefer being a 69 top or a 69 bottom?

I usually prefer being a 69 top, as it gives me a little more freedom with the cock, allowing for more movement and variety. But that doesn’t mean I hold myself up and show off my (non-existent) massive arms like Kyle Fletcher, whose core and arm strength are pretty impressive as he does a plank over the couch while he and Cristiano slurp on each other’s schlongs.

Kyle Fletcher, Cristiano Kyle Fletcher, Cristiano

Kyle Fletcher, Cristiano

How did we get here? Turns out the stepbros get into a heated debate over control of the TV, and the only solution is taking off their clothes and showing each other who’s boss. That starts with a great visual as the two sit side by side and stroke each other’s cocks, and then we get another great one—Cristiano on his knees getting face fucked by Kyle’s hot jock cock, a great overhead shot looking down on that veiny shaft as it thrusts into that mouth.

Kyle Fletcher, Cristiano

Kyle Fletcher, Cristiano

Kyle Fletcher, Cristiano

Then the two take turns fucking each other (after Cristiano delvers a great tongue fuck to Kyke’s hot hole), and I love seeing Cristiano stroke Kyle’s cock as he fucks him (also look for the bottom’s hot bouncing balls!). And Kyle and his bod look hot AF as he drills away (those abs and cum gutters…yes please!).

See the full scene at Next Door!


6 thoughts on “Are You a 69 Top or a 69 Bottom?”

  1. They both look like they are bored and want their $10 paycheck to go buy a In and Out burger so they don’t die from malnutrition

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