Cody Cummings: “I Need Boobs”

The straightest man in gay porn still enjoys pussy, and he isn’t apologizing for it.

In a brief interview on the Adam4Adam blog (Adam4Adam has a blog?), Cody Cummings says he needs boobs, pussy, and a girl’s hair(!) in order to really get off, but it’s cool if a guy rims him. OK.

Also, Cody says that he wouldn’t mind letting a black man suck his cock, guys give better blowjobs, “technically,” and don’t finger his ass, please. Marcus Mojo, who was with Cody at an event in Montreal, was interviewed at the same time.

This is sort of a weird interview:

Adam4Adam: Are you guys single?
Cody Cummings: Yes single, no girlfriend, no kids
Marcus Mojo: Same here!

A4A: Cody, fans are asking “when will you fuck a guy?”
Cody: Never.
A4A: Can you explain? lol
Cody: It’s just not my thing, I will never fuck a man. I need boobs, pussy… I’m really straight!

A4A: Who gives the best head? A man or a woman?
Cody: Do I need to give you an answer? I mean, I prefer getting as [sic] BJ from a girl because they have the “package” that I like. Nice ass, pussy, boobs, hair…But technically, and if we only make reference to the actual BJ, guys are better! And the best head I got was from Patrick Rouge!
Marcus: Guys give the best BJs, they go deep and they really do the job well. (With a  biiiiiiig smile on his face)

A4A: Do you like when a man touches your ass?
Cody: Ya I like it, but they are not allowed to finger my ass *laugh! They can rim it though, that’s definitely one of my favorite thing.
Marcus: Yes I like when they touch my ass and rimming is also the nicest thing on hearth [sic] !!!

A4A: Cody, someone was asking “why don’t you get sucked by black guys?”
Cody: I wouldn’t mind, but we don’t pick our models, we don’t get to choose!

I guess having your own site, which is named after you, doesn’t afford you the luxury of picking your own scene partners? Because if Cody were able to “choose” who he was having sex with on his eponymous website, he would choose all girls, right? Maybe even some black girls! If he were really able to choose, he wouldn’t be having gay sex with gay men at all, based on what he tells us above. But, just like being gay isn’t a choice, neither is being a gay porn star who is straight. Cody Cummings doesn’t have a choice! He can’t help but be attracted to a job in which gay men he isn’t attracted to suck his dick. Cody Cummings was born this way.


27 thoughts on “Cody Cummings: “I Need Boobs””

  1. guys suck better than girls . not true in fact I had on more than one occasion had a bi even gay men tell me I’m pretty bad at it . don’t fall for it a BJ is not that special

  2. Cody Cummings is a faggot in denial. If he were truly straight, he wouldn’t compromise his integrity. But since he doesn’t have any integrity, all this is a moot point. END OF DISCUSSION!!!!

  3. Well lookee here what Cody Cumming posted on the porn wikileaks site after he was called a fag:

    This is, apparently, what he posted to the porn wikileaks site after the people there bashed him as a “fag”.

    Cody Cummings
    Mope Squad Posts: n/a

    Take this shit down


    You fuckers blown shit and posting fucking lies.

    Im straight. Always been. always gonna be. I let guys suck my cock as part of my contract and because that’s want the fags and hags want and they pay for the site.

    I don’t ever fucked a guy. I have fucked lots of dime pieces from the straight side though and they appreciated being fucked by a real man with a big dick.

    I’m do me and fuck you dickless fucktards. I make more $$$ than all you asses. Those homos bought me a fucking house and a truck and the $$$ and dime pieces keeps coming.

  4. Blah blah blah, if you don’t like his brand of porn, just don’t watch it. There’s no need to bash him for being honest. There’s plenty of strictly gay content out there, and no one is putting you in legirons and forcing you to watch anything.

    1. There is probably an excellent likelihood that most people don’t watch him (myself included). Read what Chris Porter says about Cody Cummings and Next Door Male. People can bash him for being so homophobic that he was removed from a event, and people can bash his company for slandering another model (Chris Porter) because he didn’t want to work with them.

      1. Actually, I did read his tripe, and it had absolutely nothing to do with Mr. Cummings. He has an old axe to grind with the owner of the company (who he admits he has never met) because of questions about his HIV status and his firing from a scheduled scene with another actor.

        1. Uh Tucker…I mean Niles, if someone SLANDERED me and made up a story about my HIV status I would be pissed too, so would ANY reasonable person. Secondly, you also must have skipped the part where Cummings was removed from an event because of the homophobic remarks he was making. Chris Porter wasn’t fired you ninny, Next Door wanted him and he turned them down so the owner made up some story to dissuade a model from working with Chris. BTW that model (Parker London) recently worked with Joey Milano a model who has done bareback work for both SX Video and Hot Desert Knights.

          One thing I can say about guys like Chris Porter and Samuel Colt, both of them fit more the mold of what some self loathing queens think a man should be and have bigger balls then Cummings or most of the other talent and management at NDM who hide inside their mother’s skirt.

          I hope someone sees some irony in a “straight” guy like Marcus Mojo, who has had more dick inside of him then a truck stop urinal, calling someone a faggot as a derogatory insult. At this point, it’s got to be like a throwing a hotdog down a hallway.

          1. Tucker Scott needs to GTFO….his attempts to save CC/NDS faces are laughable and pathetic.
            He is the real disgrace for the gay community because it’s also because of ppl like him that CC exists.

  5. It’s a shame you can’t just join Austin Wilde’s site. If you join one NDS site, you get them all. After TommyD retired, I stopped visiting NDS altogether. Also, I promised Tommy I wouldn’t say anything catty or bitchy about Cody, but I pretty much concur with everyone else.

  6. When these two start talking I just shut down.
    They arn’t even popular on tunblr’s wealth of porn blogs.
    That must say at least something,

  7. This interview is why I boycotted Cody Cummings a long time ago. I will nver again visit or pay for his site. I will never click on other blog posts that feature him. I will never even think of purchasing his Fleshjack toys. This interview once again proves what an asshole he is. He SHOULD only stick to doing straight porn because he only wants your money.
    And when you keep giving your money to him, he keeps offending you. It’s almost like someone being in an abusive relationship and not getting away from the abuser.

    He’s a one-trick pony that will never satisfy my tastes no matter how goodlooking he is.

    1. Because he wouldn’t fare very well in straight porn for a variety of reasons. 1) Crossovers are frowned upon in straight porn, especially after patient zeta and porn wikileaks 2.) Straight porn doesn’t pay much, a top male performer makes a fraction of what his female counterpart makes, and there isn’t a lot of $$$ to be made as a performer in straight porn these days. 3.) He doesn’t have the dick for it and he is lousy at straight sex and would be considered a low end “mope” in the straight industry, starting pay is around $50. Compare his straight scenes to Manuel Ferrara, James Deen, or Tommy Gunn’s they pale in comparison.

      1. Those reasons are exactly why I couldn’t understand why Jeremy Bilding wanted to leave gay porn for straight porn. At least in gay porn, he stands to make more money (although maybe not much more) and I’m guessing if he had bottomed he probably could have gotten a bigger paycheck.

  8. It’s funny the way whenever a gay model says anything “contentious” gay porn fans and more importantly fellow models and producers start attacking him, while when a straight model says something pissy, they stay silent or jump to his defence and they wonder why gay porn is now labelled self-loathing. What’s even more funny is the hypocrisy of these sites owners and models and directs as they march down ever GAY PRIDE Parade handing out flyers.

    No wonder there is a gathering feeling gay porn is made for losers.

  9. How old is Cody Cummings now? 35-36? What is he going to do in a few years when his porn career is over with? He has no skills, no education, and no brain. What I find amusing about Cody Cummings site and the Next Door Hookups sites is that they are marketed as “straight porn for gay men”, yet a lot of the straight porn that is put out now show a lot more of the a guys anatomy (taint, asshole, you get my drift) and much more POV then any of the Next Door sites.

    Also, another thing Next Door shows is that almost none of the guys on the Next Door Hookups site could ever have a career in straight porn. They are terrible at it (even worse then they are at gay porn), or in a lot of cases don’t have the dick for it.

    It’s a little sinister to think like this but, it makes me chuckle to think that one of these days Cody Cummings Jr. is going to come home from school and tell his dad that someone found a picture of him with a blow pop stuck up his ass.

    1. Zeb Atlas is 40 and still doing porn, so who knows, maybe Cody Cummings can find a way to make it last until then. Although at least Zeb has branched out into full-on gay porn the last few years. Cody’s standard formula of only receiving oral from guys is going to get old at some point, so unless he has a change of heart and actually tops a guy, he might have to go the Jeremy Bilding route and just concentrate strictly on straight porn.

  10. Everytime Cody Cummings traffic starts to go down he gives an “interview” or pulls some stunt out the video vault.

    Finally, he specifically says he will NEVER fuck a guy in this interview. Can’t blogs now tell people they have seen it all now. This is his one trick. He’s been doing it for five years now. He won’t be going any further. He says so in this interview.

    So for the people that subscribe to his site, I ask “Why are you still paying?” Would you keep paying to see the same movie over and over at the theater if you own the DVD? If you want to watch him Jerk off or fuck a chick then could you at least subscribe to Austin Wilde’s site- you can still get you dose of self loathing porn but an actual gay guy could get the bonus check for subscribers.

    A better choice is to choose porn site which features actual gay men who like having gay sex but good luck finding that.

  11. He may have his “own site”, but in reality its no more than a glorified model page on any other site. Of course they don’t choose their own scene partners, they are just slaves of the company, and get paid per scene like anyone else.

    It’s the scene rate he’s attracted to, not the scene partner. I’d take to street and say boycott these tools, but if anyone wants to pay to see that junk, that’s their problem.

    Cummings: Hope your future wife can cope with the fact you made your millions (I mean thousands… I mean hundreds) from having a guy wrapped around your dick.

  12. When Cody Cummings starts talking about his sexual orientation, I feel these strange waves of indifference crashing over me. Sweetheart, nobody cares that you are a heterosexual. There are a truckload of them in porn, and they all do their job better than you.

  13. I fucking GAFFAWED at that last line. No matter gay, straight or bi, lesbian transgendered life; I only want pussy, baby; it’s how I can survive! :)

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