Diesel Washington Has Something to Say: Internet Trolls

“I’ll read a bitch real fast. But you will see my picture and you’ll know your accuser. I will never play that ‘Anonymous’ profile bullshit with you.”~Diesel Washington

Diesel Washington says exactly what he thinks. To him, it doesn’t matter if it’s in person or online; you will always know not only what he says, but who is saying it. The same isn’t true for everyone. Especially to those incognito internet cut-and-paste comment clowns, Diesel Washington has something to say

“You don’t know me mother fucker. All you know is what I put out there and what I want you to know. I read the comments. I can appreciate a good read. Just make sure it’s funny.”

Diesel Washington always has something to say and this time, live from the Big Apple. First, it was the lack of diversity in gay porn. Then it was begging porn stars and their GoFundMe pages followed by ‘Gay 4 Pay’ models. Last week’s was a real doozy, overzealous bareback performers.

What will it be next week? Do you have something you want to hear Diesel go off on? Leave it in the comment section – we know he reads them. See you next Tuesday when “I Have Something to Say: Diesel Washington” stirs the pot again.

“I Have Something To Say” is a feature at The Sword offering those in the adult industry a public platform to express what’s on their minds.

If you are in the adult industry and have something to say,
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6 thoughts on “Diesel Washington Has Something to Say: Internet Trolls”

  1. This dumb Ass mutherfucker wants people to keep their mouths shut … BUT HE IS INCAPABLE OF THAT HIMSELF.
    Hey Diesel grow the fuck up and get are REAL JOB , and stop living THE GLORY DAYS of when you and your 8 inch dick were relevant in porn.
    It’s really quit pathetic that your whole world is porn , and being relevant in it . Your only a PORN STAR if you are a WORKING PORN STAR … other than that You are a UNEMPLOYED PORN STAR(BUM /LOOSER) You are PERSONA NON GRATA in the porn industry. Due to You HUGE MOUTH & EGO . Not because of the color of your skin. And you always go on about “racist models ” people have STANDARDS PERHAPS YOU ARE BELOW THEIR STANDARDS. You always run to that”illusion” but ask yourself this question ” WOULD YOU FUCK A 350 POUND DUDES THAT YOU WERE NOT ATTRACTED TO ? I am gonna say “no” but the again You might , because You are HUNGRY AS FUCK for work and attention. So maybe just maybe Diesel these “racist models ” are just not ATTRACTED to You , and know that their dicks won’t get hard , and that the scene that they are a part of won’t turn out to be a top notch scene . So they do the smart thing for their career and decline making a mistake . Unlike You who will apparently FUCK anyone .. Regardless of anything … ALL IN THE NAME OF PORN.. AND TO SAVE THE INDUSTRY THAT YOU SO DESPERATELY WANT TO STILL BE RELAVANT IN . I’m my opinion that makes those models SMART and DIESLE WASHINGTON DESPERATE AND PATHETIC!!!
    You know all these other porn stars who are as well known as you (Hot Rod) knew that it was time get out a the porn game , because there was no money in it anymore and they MOVED ON from it. And they are doing something else.
    Listen get a job picking the soda cans outta the trash cans in NYC and getting the 5 cent refund, instead of fucking people for money … Then complaining that they have not cleaned out their ass and posting pics of it . You Go hard at bareback models , but you swallow nut and eat ass … HEP B , HEP C and a ton of other shit you can catch.
    That make you a hypocritical ASSHOLE !!

  2. These posts are entertaining! I agree with him most of the time but can you just imagine what stuff Diesel alludes to NOT telling us? The mind reels. Besides the obvious (like celebrities he has fucked) I suspect he is a lot less gay and more bisexual than anyone else thinks. I also think at least one of those Aryan “nephews” of his are his sons. No one else probably remembers this, but I swear he told a story of a German woman contacting him about his fathering a child back when he was in Germany.

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