Diesel Washington Has Something to Say: Grabby Edition

Diesel Washington Has Something to Say: Grabby Edition

“I saw too many models running around either too busy looking for drugs, cock, and ass instead of interacting with their fans.” ~Diesel Washington

No, he didn’t win for Best Top, but Diesel is no Susan Lucci: he already has four Grabby’s on his shelf. As for what else went down, here’s his wrap-up report as only Diesel Washington could tell it. What exactly did he see? What does it mean he “winks” about “meeting someone?” When it comes to the Grabby Awards 2016, Diesel Washington Has Something to Say

“I’m like walking out of my hotel room trying not to step on the snail trails leading out of any of these barebackers rooms. I mean it’s a fucking mess over there.”

The bottom line is, Diesel had a good time and is looking forward to next year’s Grabbys. By then, I’ll be looking forward to 52 more examples of Diesel’s calling it like he sees it the way he has so far on the lack of the lack of diversity in gay porn, begging porn stars and their GoFundMe pages, ‘Gay 4 Pay’ models, overzealous bareback performers, and those internet trolls.

What will it be next week? Do you have something you want to hear Diesel go off on? Leave it in the comment section – we know he reads them. See you next Tuesday when “I Have Something to Say: Diesel Washington” stirs the pot again.

“I Have Something To Say” is a feature at The Sword offering those in the adult industry a public platform to express what’s on their minds.

If you are in the adult industry and have something to say,
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10 thoughts on “Diesel Washington Has Something to Say: Grabby Edition”

  1. I really like Diesel’s posts and I hope he continues this on a weekly basis! I never looked at the Sword, now I look at least once week. Anyway, I do agree other performers should add a commentary now and then.

    (My only issue this week is I was distracted by his apparently oddly-shaped head. )

  2. Let’s not forget he’s calling it like he sees it through bipolar eyes. He’s admitted it many times he’s bipolar and has also admitted he tends to exaggerate. While I don’t doubt that he saw a lot of the things he said he saw, but with a guy like that you can only believe everything he says as half-truth.

  3. I like the word exposure. I wish Diesel would name names and comment more on the gay 4 payers and how much they don’t care for their fans. These people need to lose their paychecks permanently.

  4. Diesel ….. glad you had a fun weekend. I know you are a TWD geek.

    Sorry you are becoming the Susan Lucci of gay porn Best Top awards. Ha Ha.

  5. Maybe you lads should just go away from whomever is pointing a gun a to your narrow little heads and making you tune in. Don’t like it? Don’t like this? Don’t watch! For me, this makes my week.

  6. Rickperryisgay

    Is this going to be a weekly thing?

    Don’t really care what he has to say and if he is the only one saying anything

    This feature needs to go away

    1. Everyone has an opinion.

      I agree. It would be tolerable though if it used different people each time. It doesn’t help that I find DW to be gross looking, combative and is almost always complaining about something or involved in some type of drama on twitter.

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