GayComicGeekReview: “The Devil’s Deal & Sordid Other Tales”

Paul Charles, aka GayComicGeek, is back with his exclusive series for The Sword baring his soul on what caught him off guard and what made him get off harder.

I will stop saying it when it stops being true. If you have never seen Paul Charles do his GayComicGeek review, you are really missing out.

Today he takes on “The Devil’s Deal & Sordid Other Tales” from NakedSword Originals. It’s a movie as unique as Paul is.

If that sounds tailormade for Paul and his GayComicGeek touch, just wait until you watch it …

“Have you ever come face to face with evil? A chill in the room makes your skin crawl and all you want to do is get away. But sometimes the face is so beautiful you get a very different feeling; a lust that makes your dick hard and all you want to do is surrender to the sins of the flesh. These four vignettes of chilling sexual encounters will do both. So grab your cock and hold on tight for haunting ghost fucks, shocking discoveries, and broken promises in ‘The Devil’s Deal & Other Sordid Tales’.”

Be sure and keep an eye peeled for the next Gay Comic Geek The Sword exclusive where, like all of his videos, nothing is off limits.

Click here to watch “GuySpotting” at NakedSword.

And for more from Paul “Gay Comic Geek” Charles, right this way.

Have a great Monday and as Paul Charles would say, “Peace, Love, and Namaste!”

3 thoughts on “GayComicGeekReview: “The Devil’s Deal & Sordid Other Tales””

  1. That Long-Haired Creepy Guy

    I seriously LOVE these reviews!

    And yeah, that’d have been a cool idea, but it was a good anthology series either way. I love seeing porn push the boundaries of what the genre can be, and this seems to do that very well.

    Good review!

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