gaycomicgeekreview guyspotting

The GayComicGeek Review: Guyspotting

Our exclusive series with Paul Charles, aka GayComicGeek, returns with his take on “Guyspotting”. When he says, “… this alone made my dick so fucking hard,” will your cock agree?

We said it with his very first exclusive with The Sword on “MXX: The Hardest Ride”. We said it again after he reviewed “Code of Silence” from Falcon.

We thought the hot ginger, the uncut dicks, and the mix of British faces from “Guyspotting” by NakedSword Originals would be right up his alley. We were right.

And now, we get to it say it again as it just gets reinforced every time: if you haven’t heard a Paul “GayComicGeek” Charles’ gay porn review before, you are missing out.

“This is “Guyspotting”, a glimpse into the sex-crazed, alcohol and drug-induced world of Manchester’s gay counter-culture. This cast of uncut, horse-hung Brits give zero fucks, taking their youth, good looks and each other for granted until the phone rings and tragedy strikes. Will this be a wake-up call or just another reason to hit Canal Street for some hardcore “Guyspotting”

gaycomicgeekreview guyspotting
Be sure and keep an eye peeled for the next Gay Comic Geek The Sword exclusive where, like all of his videos, nothing is off limits.

Click here to watch “GuySpotting” at NakedSword.

And for more from Paul “Gay Comic Geek” Charles, right this way.

Have a great Monday and as Paul Charles would say, “Peace, Love, and Namaste!”

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