Dominic Pacifico, Wrex Wylde, Nathan Daniels

Graphic Video: Man Gets Entire Ken Doll Pulled Out Of His Ass

We talk a lot about unconventional sex objects on this blog. Whether it’s about cucumbers, corn cobs, pool noodles, or pool cues, we’ve got it covered here. This though? This new scene from the kinky motherfuckers at Fisting Inferno? This is probably the wildest object-in-hole experience I’ve ever talked about here.

This new scene acts as the latest episode of Genital Hospital, the fisting fetish feature that’s all about horny doctors training students in the art of anal extraction. In the scene, Dr. Dominic Pacifico is bringing in anal expert Wrex Wylde to help medical student Nathan Daniels engage in some serious hands-on learning. With Wrex on all fours, Nathan begins the extraction and quickly discovers the infinite insides of his volunteer patient. He pulls out multiple rubber balls, a baseball, and full-sized Ken doll that’s wrapped in some sort of condom.

Whether you’re sexually into seeing guys pull entire 12-inch plastic dolls out of their mangled holes or not, you have to admit that this kinda impressive. Some guys can barely get a finger their holes and Wrex is out here shoving Target’s entire toy aisle inside of his guts. We have to stan.

Anyway – after the doll is fully extracted from Wrex’s body, Dr. Pacifico goes to show his student even more about the true limits of the human body as he fists the gaping volunteer with both hands until a bright rosebud is popping out of Wrex’s wrecked ass. Take a look below at some more action shots from this Genital Hospital demonstration:

So what do you think? Could you fit a Ken doll in your hole? What’s the most random object that you’ve ever taken in the ass? Let us know all your hot thoughts in the comments below and if you want to see even more from this medical scene, be sure to check out the video at Fisting Inferno!

[Watch ‘Genital Hospital’ ft. Dominic Pacifico, Wrex Wylde, & Nathan Daniels]


14 thoughts on “Graphic Video: Man Gets Entire Ken Doll Pulled Out Of His Ass”

  1. Dominic Pacifico is gross his damn self but stacking this on top is just gross. This type of porn does absolutely zero for me. The guy being fisted looks bizarre. He obviously needs help in all areas.

  2. Someone please teach Nathan how to groom his beard. Granted any form of contouring, whether with makeup or facial hair, is most effective from straight-on, not the side, but either way his beard looks an absolute mess

  3. Universal Potentate

    Huh. I mean, I NEVER want to take credit away from a performer who has done this work that well but …
    Do the directors know what’s out there? This is not very impressive. These HUGE alien tentacles dildos are out there along with other hole stretching methods.
    Good on all 3 actors, of course, but I felt this scene had a lil more potential.

  4. Too bad it was a caucasion doll because I am so desperate to see brown that size slide out of a hunk’s ass. Never anything on the internet- unless I go to a German porn site nd even they only seem to have that material in straight version!

  5. OMG! The guy first off is disgusting looking. He looks like a meth mess. And we all wonder why us gays get a bad name. This thing is one of the reasons.

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