Great Book, or The Greatest Book?

Manhattan is an island of trouble for radio show host Derek Hartley, with heartache and danger waiting around every corner. Lost in a swirl of the hottest men and the darkest bars, the nights are filled with adventure in the big city. But when he moves away from the bright lights of the metropolis, the surprises keep coming. Already a popular radio show host on Sirius XM, When Nightlife Falls is Hartley’s second memoir about his life in New York City. Once again, he candidly explores his personal life, this time providing insight about life behind the scenes of his radio show, discussing the intimate details of his failed romances and the sordid characters (both famous and infamous) he meets along the way. When Nightlife Falls is a witty exploration of Manhattan nightlife as only Derek Hartley can tell it.

A book about what it’s like to be a satellite radio host who goes to bars. Sign me up! Also: Shoot me in the face. The only thing more gripping would be a book about a blogger who goes to bars. Uhh, cool cover art. [Amazon]

6 thoughts on “Great Book, or <em>The Greatest</em> Book?”

  1. I need to meet you, Zach. I think having a personal gauge of your inflection and mannerisms will help me gain a better understanding of when you’re being sarcastic.

  2. is snarky and hilarious. That is why I enjoy reading it. I’m enormously flattered that they wrote about my book. And it is funny (what they wrote, as well as my book)! Given our history, I would expect nothing less. And Viet must be a listener of my show because everyone who knows me knows that I am an ego out of control. That’s not news, it’s weather.

  3. Ego out of control. The most audacious part is this is his SECOND book. A better title would be something “Pedestrian Dispatches from the E-List.”

  4. Why so much hate for someone who has “made” their own life. People need to be more uplifting and positive about others than hate on them. He went from working to AOL to having a radio show and two published books. That is an accomplishment and something that is to be commended.

  5. I bought the book on my kindle, and I’m 1/4 of the way through. I like it, although it does help that I know Derek quite well.

  6. I think I am going to write a book about my time when I was unemployed going to bars… No money, no job, why not go to a bar and watch people drink.

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