Guess Who Won An All-Expense-Paid Trip To San Francisco On Folsom Weekend?

As announced last month, today is the day that I announce the winner of the “Win A Trip To San Francisco” contest, and that is what I’m going to do, right now! I will also post the winner’s winning entry (remember, we were looking for the most authentic San Francisco sexual fantasy to possibly be used as a scene treatment for an upcoming episode of Golden Gate). And the winning entry is…

“The Shirt,” sent in by Mark G!

Check your email, Mark, so we can hook you up with your prize, which includes:

–Round-trip airfare from anywhere within the continental United States to San Francisco, California
–Two nights hotel accommodation within walking distance to the Folsom Street Fair
–Spending cash to cover meals, transportation, and entertainment
–VIP access to all NakedSword-sponsored parties throughout the weekend
–Winning concept may be used in an upcoming episode of “Golden Gate”
–One year membership to

Here is Mark’s submission, in which he apparently named the title character after himself?? What a slut.

Mark was at the leather bar drinking.  It was full of leather men and he felt out of place.  He took his shirt off, hiding it. He decided to leave and went to get his shirt but it was missing. He was forced to walk home without his shirt. As he walked, barechested, he noticed he was being followed. He turned to face the person. There was a man giving him an evil grin. He was wearing Mark’s shirt. Mark asked for the shirt back and the man taunted him.

The man reached out and grabbed Mark. Mark tried to pull away but finally gave in. The man kissed Mark hard and motioned for him to follow.  They walked into a building and went down into a basement. The man turned and pushed Mark down to his knees and Mark serviced his cock. They both stripped but the man did not take Mark’s shirt off. The man pulled the shirt behind his neck but kept it on as he fucked Mark hard.

Finally the man came a huge load shooting spurts of cum over and over onto Mark’s chest. He stroked Mark’s cock and Mark came as well shooting his own cum onto his chest combining his cum with Mark’s.

The man pulled Mark’s shirt off and used it to wipe up all of the cum that was on Mark’s chest. The man threw the shirt on the floor.

“There’s your shirt bitch,” he said, leaving.

Congratulations, bitch! I mean, Mark.



6 thoughts on “Guess Who Won An All-Expense-Paid Trip To San Francisco On Folsom Weekend?”

  1. Yea…I tried to find this contest when it was first advertised but I dunno if the link wasn’t right or what happened. I just kept getting dropped at the NAKEDSWORD.COM home page but nothing about the contest. ah well..congratulations to Mark

  2. Bummed I didn’t have time to enter. I want that Sword triple crown someday.

    But big, hard, sticky congrats to Mark! I actually lost a shirt last Folsom weekend, but nothing exciting happened besides me walking back to my hotel in my bra. Maybe this year?

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