Here’s Who Will Win At The Grabbys, Part 2

After guessing wrong and wronger at the GayVNs and the Cybersockets, why not go three-for-three and fail at making another round of gay porn predictions for the Grabbys? Here then, the second in The Sword’s three part series on Grabbys predictions, all leading up to the show on May 28th in Chicago.

Part one is here, and part three is coming next week. Note: I’m only going through the categories that interest me, so no predictions on who will take home Best Box Cover. All the nominees are here.

Also, these are just predictions, and most likely wrong ones, at that. They are not necessarily reflective of my personal opinions, except in cases where they totally are.

Best Director
Chi Chi LaRue: Raising The Bar
Chris Steele: Getting Levi’s Johnson
Doug Jefferies: Grand Slam
George Duroy: Kris&Dolph
Jeremy Lucido: text, lies and video
John Bruno: Big Wood
Kristen Bjorn: Costa Brava
Kristofer Weston: Stud Ranch Hung n’Strung
Paul Wilde and Tony Buff: Kennel Master
Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond: Attraction
Steven Scarborough: Loading Zone
Tony DiMarco: Brutal 1&2

There are two winners for this category. Chi Chi and Tony DiMarco both won last year, so there’s no way they’re winning again, right? Going into the ceremony, Getting Levi’s Johnson has the most nominations, so it’s gotta pick up at least a couple wins, and this might be one of them. Awarding co-directors is fun, so the other winner(s) might be Steve and Bruno. Or Paul Wilde and Tony Buff. To be honest, I really have no idea. Why are you even reading this?

Will Win: Chris Steele, Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond
Should Win: Tony DiMarco, Paul Wilde and Tony Buff
No Guts, No Glory: Jeremy Lucido

Best Screenplay
Jon Christen Sin: Affirmative Blacktion
Tony DiMarco: Brutal 1&2
Chris Steele: Getting Levi’s Johnson
Chris Sin: Grand Slam
Chris Steele: Jersey Score
Jason Sechrest: Raising The Bar
Don Mike: text, lies & video
Steven Scarborough: Trust Me I’m A Doctor

All I can say here is that Chris Steele is definitely going to lose.

Will Win: Chris Steele, Getting Levi’s Johnson
Should Win: Chris Steele, Getting Levi’s Johnson
No Guts, No Glory: Chris Steele, Jersey Score

Hottest Cock
Brandon Bangs
Tony Buff
Jeremy Bilding
Landon Conrad
Race Cooper
Rod Daily
Kris Evans
Brent Everett
Shane Frost
Luke Marcum
Collin O’Neal

Need them all inside me, but there can only be one winner. Instead of separating nominees into cut cock and uncut cock as they have in past years, everyone is together now. Tony Buff won last year, so it’s someone else’s turn now. And if we’re going based on who was on my list, it’s either Landon Conrad or Jeremy Bilding.

Will Win: Landon Conrad
Should Win: Landon Conrad
No Guts, No Glory: Collin O’Neal

Best Movie
Attraction/Raging Stallion Studios
Big Wood/Falcon
Brutal 1&2/Raging Stallion Studios
Costa Brava/Kristen Bjorn
The Dude Show 1&2/Hot House Entertainment
Fuckin’ In Europe/World Of Men
Getting Levi’s Johnson/Jet Set Men
Grand Slam/Channel 1 Releasing
Kris&Dolph/Bel Ami
Raising The Bar/Channel 1 Releasing
Slick Dogs/Titan Men
Stud Ranch Hung n Strung/BUCKSHOT
text, lies and video/Randy Blue Productions

Raging Stallion won the last three years (Focus/Refocus, The Drifter, Grunts), and you’d think the Grabbys would want to share the love with another studio. You would think. But because Levi will take “Best Comedy” and there’s “Best All Sex” and “Best Fetish” categories for the other studios, this one is still going to Raging, and rightfully so.

Will Win: Brutal 1&2
Should Win: Brutal 1&2
No Guts, No Glory: Fuckin’ In Europe

Hottest Bottom
Brent Corrigan
Rod Daily
Josh Harris
Angelo Marconi
Marcus Mojo (formerly known as Landon Mycles)
Riley Price
Craig Reynolds
Mitchell Rock
Todd Rosset
Jesse Santana
Vince Ferelli

Brent Corrigan is the best bottom on the list, but it feels like he hasn’t made a movie in years. Rod Daily lost me with the Donald Trump stuff. Who is Josh Harris. I consider Angelo Marconi and Mitchell Rock vers. Vince Ferelli won last year. There’s really only three who stand a chance: Riley Price, Jesse Santana, and Marcus Mojo. Sorry, it’s not possible to say which one of them should win.

Will Win: Jesse Santana
Should Win: Jesse Santana, Riley Price, & Marcus Mojo
No Guts, No Glory: Josh Harris

Jesse’s latest, with Jake Austin in Jesse’s Getaway:


[Jake Austin Fucks Jesse Santana]


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  1. It’s probably safe to assume that based on sales world wide, no one can touch BelAmi, right. Yet when it comes to awards like this, they’re glossed right over. (I know I know, they’d rather have the money)

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