Luke West, Markus Kage

How To Get Double Penetrated When You Only Have One Top

Contrary to popular belief and common sense, you actually don’t need two dicks to get double penetrated. If you’re craving some DP action in your hungry hole, look no further than this random toy that’s being featured in the latest bareback video from TheBroNetwork.

Simply titled DP Me Bro, this new video stars porn hunk Markus Kage as he discovers a new strap-on toy that he can use on recent jerk-off star Luke West. The toy basically acts as a second dick that Markus is able to place on top of his actual cock to make it seem like Luke is being drilled by two cocks instead of just the one. (We did some digging and found the actual toy being used in the video. So if you’re curious, you can look at it here.)

Take a look below at some action shots of Markus using this DP toy and let us know if you have or would ever try this toy down in the comments:

So what do you think? Could your hole handle this toy? Have you ever used a device like this before? Sound off in the comments below with all your hot thoughts and be sure to watch this entire faux-DP session over on TheBroNetwork!

[Watch: ‘DP Me Bro’ w/ Markus Kage & Luke West]


8 thoughts on “How To Get Double Penetrated When You Only Have One Top”

  1. I hear you. Totally distracted by that bad work. What alt-right shit is he trying to cover up with all that solid black and has he ever heard of sunblock?

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