Shock: Jason Adonis Retires

And by “shock” I mean “duh.” Jason Adonis’ longtime manager, David Forest, makes an announcement in the (heavily excerpted due to some statements that can’t be verified at this time) email below.

Adonis has been working sporadically for 10 years, for almost every major studio and director. He’d retire, come back, retire, come back, not show up on set, show up on set, disappear, reappear, succeed, flake, etc. Some described him as professional and easy going, others labeled him a nightmare. I never met him, but with all the second (and third, fourth, and fifth) chances he’s received, I’ve always been impressed with him.

It takes a lot of nerve and a lot of balls to keep coming back and expecting people to forgive you (which they always did), so, a tip of my hat to you, Jason Adonis! Then again, maybe everyone is just insane?

Here’s Miss Forest’s long email about the end of Jason Adonis (for now):

Jason Adonis, who was scheduled to be the “co-host” of Micky’s “Cocktails with the Stars”–Wed., July 20 with Casey Daniels and AJ Irons–will not be appearing. Mr. Adonis has abruptly ended his long career in the adult entertainment business.

Unfortunately,  I’ve dealt with [Adonis] since late 2002, when I first approached him about being available for some MEET THE STARS private meetings AND a few LIVE appearances. He ended up aborting the first 2 LIVE bookings…I had to eat the airfare money AND got no commissions. The story began then…ending with tonight’s Micky’s cancellation. One of the worst things was his initial Falcon Studios deal, which I initiated … in mid-December of 2003. He was flown up to do a LIVE solo sex show. They loved him and, unbenounced [sic] to me … booked him for a scene in a January 2004 movie (directed by Chi Chi). Loved him and signed him to be an exclusive (shortly thereafter they made it a “life-time exclusive” deal). … I freaked out since I was the person that brought Adonis to Falcon. They ended up giving me $3500 as a finder’s fee. He didn’t last more than 6 months with them. He was brought back for the bottoming movie (“Farmer’s Son?”) and even more.

I’m just clearing my head of everything “Adonis.” Anyone that would take that as their name was probably going to end up showing their “true” colors, in the end, which he has.


He has actually had his phones disconnected and isn’t returning any emails. How dramatic. What an uncool way to go out. He had a firm commitment to appear as … co-host tonight at Micky’s. He had just done those 2 LIVE interviews (phone) with JC Adams and Vincent Lambert and he’s the co-star of the upcoming RS film, “Animus” (and on the box cover). He also was featured in the RS blockbuster, “Brutal” and their current release, “Dominus.” Oh well he never should have asked me to “bring him back” (early June). I knew he was DONE last December. Over the years he screwed me up with many cancelled LIVE appearances and he messed up several studios (RS is the latest casualty; he was terminated as a Falcon Lifetime Exclusive then brought back for more movies; took a $3500 advance from Jet Set for his supposed 1st bottoming scene then, when they couldn’t get Wash West to direct he just kept the money, but a few years later he was back making movies for them. And, never had to pay back the 3500). He will go down in gay porn history as one of the hottest, could have been huge, bitter, screw ‘em but they still want him back, flaky, strange characters the adult world will ever have known. He was married, with a child, over the entire aprox. 10 years of his adult ent. career. AND, in the end he asked me to get him the Micky’s gig and he didn’t even have the courtesy to call or email me and tell me he wasn’t doing it. I should have known, from the first time he cancelled a live gig 8 years ago that he wasn’t an honorable person.

As I said one year ago when David Forest announced that he was taking on Jason Adonis as a client yet again: “I’m sure this will all work out great!”



35 thoughts on “Shock: Jason Adonis Retires”

  1. Although Jason Adonis is ok looking, he’s no beauty as Joey Stefano was when alive. What really annoyed me about him was his lack of pubes (a real turn off, and having me reach for my fast forward button on the DVD player), as he looked as though someone had assaulted him where a real man has pubes with a razor, and gone totally berserk. I have never thought of him as a porn star … just a mediocre gay porn performer with no real talent or charisma.

    I am please to hear Jason has retired (and hope this time it is forever). I will not miss him or his awful acting. Neither would I put up with his Princess attitude and/or Queen size rants. I would have thrown him out on the street … complete with tiara and crown self-believing he’s Gay Porn Royalty … even though he’s not!

    This is just my personal opinion, and do not believe that all are going to agree, but but an opinion of likes and dislikes … and mine primarily being a dislike of Jason without pubes!

  2. I think this ” announcement” demonstrates David Forest’ lack of professionalism. You don’t air dirty laundry in the professional world. It seems his cat claws are out. If Jason
    was such a Douche then David should have stopped working with him a long time ago. It’s ridiculous to even put this kind of trash out there. At the end of the day
    if Jason is unprofessional then studios shouldn’t use him (hot as he is) but clearly he’s not such a bad guy because they keep turning to him despite the fact
    that there are so many other hot men out there. Jason is hot and does some really sexy videos. His look is unique and sexy and works for him period. Keep going hard
    and strong Jason cause I want to see more!

  3. Jason is the best. Hot as hell- body and face for days-this guy is the real deal. Known him for several years now and he is one of the kindest, sweetest most sincere people I’ve met. Assholes like DF completely take advantage of him. I continue to support him and always will!!!

  4. Jason is one of the biggest pornstars of all times. Give him as much chance as he needs it. It’s always great seeing him having sex on screen. I met him and he is actually very nice, friendly and super hot in person. That David Forrest from what I hear is not reliable so I totally believe and hope to see Jason Adonis in a xxx scene.

  5. Jason , I have always admired you . You are always in excellent shape however if it is true that you are amarried and a father , then it would bring a lot of stess and sometimes sever doubt . Whatever you do decide with your future is up to you and you alone . I just wish I could converse with you privately by e-mail as I have tried on many ocassions to contact you. REGDS from South Africa

  6. Hello everyone. This is Jason and I can assure you this is not at all what happened. Working with Raging Stallion was great. The only problem either of us had was David. Every time I was to be shooting it was just an advertisement for David’s Meet the Stars program. Yes, he was my agent and I was never to have anything to do with Meet the Stars. I was in S.F. just days from shhoting when I found that David had taken several thousand dollars in a deposit from someone in L.A. “did this often” and had to deal with someone waiting for me outside my hotel in S.F. claiming that he had given David a deposit and David told him where I be staying. When confronting David he told me he was going to Refund the deposits and apolojize publicly. “I was way too stressed to shoot”. So, David dodges the bullet Again by announcing my retirement? Unreal. How many people is he going to get away with using the press to hustle people around? I said nothing about retiring. Didn’t even find out about this until a week ago. I have been fighting with him taking deposit for everything from club appearances to meet the stars. Will it ever stop because the Law obviously can’t stop him.

    1. I know Jason personally. Yes he can be a handful but when he’s wrong he apologizes you move on. It’s what adults do.

  7. my posting: I though I’d post a nice comments from Johnny from a few years ago ….Castle added, “My career has really taken off; now I want to bring a few special, new stars into the gay adult business and make sure they are given the same excellent personal direction that I’ve enjoyed. David is the only man I’d do this with. He manages talent the way it should be done. He’s from the old school and knows the true Hollywood way of developing careers.”

  8. personally I don’t think there’s that much wrong in trashing someone so long as their facts are straight. but really it makes the person doing the trashing look bad, depending on the way they do it.

  9. Forest could learn something from Samantha Jones from “Sex and the City”: “Fuck me badly once, shame on you. Fuck me badly twice, shame on me.”

  10. I know nothing about Jason Adonis or what kind of guy he is. That being said, it always strikes me as funny and incredibly self-serving when someone like David Forest plays the victim card and trashes a model’s reputation all over the internet to settle a personal score just because he can.

    What I DO know of David is that he is a creep and the worst kind of predator. This doesn’t exonerate Adonis by any means (we don’t know the true story) but (as you all may recall from a recent “ahem” incident) that I never believe someone just because they are the first to release the “press statement” to the internet. I’m especially skeptical of ANY umm “press release” that paints one side as a total villain and the person doing the hatchet job as a poor and completely innocent (yet so very noble) victim.

    In other words, you never heard Hot House trash Jayden Grey over the faux-mo incident. They took the higher road and let Jayden rant and rail, so what does Forest attempt to gain? Revenge, no doubt, plain and simple.

  11. He’ll be back when he needs more money and somebody will work with him because he’s hot.

    Forest doesn’t get to announce somebody’s retirement — Adonis would have to do that.

    I am a Jason Adonis fan. He’s always looked hot and seems very cool in his interviews. I disagree that “he didn’t exude much on screen.” I admit, sometimes he phoned it in (THE HOLE). But he also had great scenes where he got into it with a lot of passion, sensuality and what seemed like genuine lust and pleasure (WET PALMS, TAKING FLIGHT, FARMER’S SON). The dude kisses with the best of ’em. He’s better than many gay performers, let alone gay-for-pay ones. Even when he phones it in, he’s arousing to me.

    But his reputation for flaking out, breaching contracts and violence/arrest is hugely disappointing to me. If I were an agent, I wouldn’t keep him, either. If I were a studio, I might use him if he shows up. But I would never make a production dependent on him.

  12. Because we all know poor Mr. Forest was a victim of this bad bad porn star because he genuinely wanted to help him with his career and had no ulterior motivations. Right.

    Either one is a sleazy, greedy opportunist who keeps booking gigs for someone he knows has a history of erratic behavior and is repeatedly unreliable, or one is an idiot who never learns from making the same mistakes over and over again.

    I wonder which it is in this case?

  13. The old guy just sounds bitter to me.

    And what’s the big big deal about porn models “retiring”. You retire when you exit the work force (generally after you turn 55) not when you decide to get a different job.

  14. Jason Adonis retires, what a shocker! He will be back in 6 mos and some studio will put out a press release about how he is rededicating himself to his fans and he is back for the long haul….until 2 or 3 films into it and he retires again. He vanishes and comes back more times then Jason Voorhees!


  15. What David Forest actually ~does is one of those great mysteries – like the location of Hoffa’s body and what happened to the Raleigh settlement on Roanoke Island. . .

  16. Jason is gorgeous from the begining. He went very well through the years. He makes/made me horny on most of his videos. The rest is business story.
    Jason, take care and enjoy the life you decide to have.

  17. I was gonna comment but Mr Colt and sxg have made both the points I wanted to make better than I could. I’d add that I never thought he was actually that hot and certainly didn’t exude much on-screen.

  18. And yet this idiot kept falling for it. I wouldn’t be surprised if this “retirement” and all other no-shows were scams that both Forest & Adonis created.

  19. Why do people keep giving this douchebag a chance? There are so many other GOOD performers that don’t screw over every single person they meet. It’s people like this that give this industry a bad name.

    1. Well you are certainly in a better position to know him than I am (or most of us who post here) so I bow to your personal experience and completely take your word for it. My problem with this Forest hit piece is, what happens when it ISN’T accurate but used just to settle a personal score? How much of a douchebag Jason Adonis may be isn’t the issue so much for me as people like Forest who issue press releases just to trash someone (anyone, for that matter!) as though they themselves have no culpability or personal responsibility.

      1. To clarify, I was agreeing with Samuel Colt … making the point that Jason had been given every chance possible chance and said to have blow it … or so it seems from what has been said.

        This is so amusing … reading Bitchy remarks … some may be true and others possibly with no truth whatsoever?

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