Joey Mills & Logan Aarons Show Off Their Big Squirt Guns

I feel a little bit ashamed to admit it, but I’ve kind of been loving the “Horny Frat Bros” series at Silly? Of course. But the presence of Damian Night in two scenes (getting fucked by the big dick of Drake Von, and then by ripped Felix Fox) has gone a long way to making me happy.

In the fourth installment of the series, we get to see jock bro Logan Aarons, and he’s always a sight for horny eyes. Ever since he returned to the industry late last year (after going by Zane at Corbin Fisher), I’ve been excited by every new scene with him in it—even if the set-ups are ridiculous (when you have hung alpha Dom King fucking Logan, I don’t care!). Now the cutie is back with his signature backward baseball cap for more fun, and he’s brought along hung Joey Mills for the ride.

Joey Mills, Logan Aarons Logan Aarons

Joey Mills, Logan Aarons Joey Mills, Logan Aarons

The two roomies engage in a prank war, with hi-jinks involving whipped cream, a water gun and a balloon. Pretty lame, but we do get a shot of Joey releasing his heavy morning wood in bed, and it’s a pretty fucking fantastic shot (as is the visual of Logan’s boner ready to burst from his wet white boxers). When Joey later finds himself on his knees with Logan’s boner in his face, he can’t help but finally give in to temptation.

Joey Mills, Logan Aarons Joey Mills, Logan Aarons

Joey Mills, Logan Aarons Joey Mills, Logan Aarons

After sucking the stud, Joey offers up his hole—and the sequence with him sitting down on Logan’s cock, the top slowly gyrating his dick up while he has both of his hands rubbing Joey’s body (and the bottom jacking his own big boner as he gets fucked) is beautiful. Joey also stays stiff taking it from behind, and Logan holds the bottom up midair to fuck him in one shot. With sex like this, I can handle the dumb stuff. Do you like frat bro sex?

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7 thoughts on “Joey Mills & Logan Aarons Show Off Their Big Squirt Guns”

  1. Love a hot, carnal scene when both performers connect: showing genuine fun and pleasure. More vibes like this one please!

  2. Both Joey and Logan look like fun guys. In this scene I’d love to have been Joey getting taken to pound town by muscular and hot Logan Aaron.

  3. I don’t understand the hubbub over Joey Mills. He’s just another twink with a big dick. So what who cares? They’re a dime a dozen

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